Rob Kardashian is ‘Livid’ After Blac Chyna’s Six Flags Fight

rob kardashian blac chyna parenting rules

Rob Kardashian is reportedly so “livid” after Blac Chyna put their daughter Dream in danger during her Six Flags brawl. He’s now in the process of filing legal docs to set some parenting rules for his baby mama.

To start, he doesn’t want Chyna to have any men in the home when their daughter is present, which will really put a damper on her new relationship with 18-year-old YBN Almighty Jay. He also doesn’t want Chyna to introduce any men to Dream unless the relationship has passed the six-month mark.

He currently pays her $20K a month in child support and is asking for that amount to be reduced. After getting his Instagram account banned, his sources of income have dried up from his advertising gigs and Chyna “makes way more than him” anyway.


    • So is Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie. The bottom line is to malign her to strip her of custody. Now the K she devils know how to set her off.

    • He should of known she was a hood rat!!!! Stop Simping Rob, 2018 is the STOP Simping Movement.

      • Nah… he’s in the right on this one… She keeps fuckin with these retarded ass muhfuckas and based upon stats to date… too many kids die to the hands of new boyfriends and shit. He should wash her ass up in court and go after custody.

    • Proverbs 6:26 (NKJV) For by means of a harlot A man is reduced to a crust of bread; And an adulteress will prey upon his precious life.

  1. This was my point exactly yesterday, she was so busy raging that she forgot the kids was there with her. The kids could’ve got hurt during the scuffle but you rather prove you big, bad and tough. For what? It’s not worth taking a chance on “what could’ve happened” like injuries or jail.

    • It was not about proving shit.

      If you can read the girl said she slapped tf out of chyna and I am sure you would not stand there if someone slapped the shit out of you for no good reason.

      • Chyna was saying she’s going to beat her ass for touching her daughter. I see that as Chyna making the first threat. Just like you just took a shot at me “if I can read” but of course, I ain’t got nothing to prove so it will be ignored.

        • So the Fuck what…what stable person goes back up to someone to initiate some shit when they were the one in the wrong.

          I can read and COMPREHEND unfortunately common sense alludes many.

        • If you are stupid enough to touch someone’s child…then come back in their face and slap them over something they SAID…you have several screws loose and need to be put away.

  2. If I was rob I would try to get custody. This bitch is terrible. She’s bringing all types of men and little ass boys around her kids , leaking sextapes, fighting, and showing off her deformed, bad plastic weird ass body more than she is her kids. Rob needs to take his daughter from this dumb hoe.

    • Agreed.

      Outside of this incident Chyna has been filmed MULTIPLE times high as a kite around BOTH her children.

      Kris/Rob may be the lesser of two evils.

      On a side note: BC may have it in her to be a WWE/Fighter babe. Or maybe her own line of kickboxing gloves??!! Lol.

  3. Black China should not be having random men around her daughter. However Rob can’t request that especially when he lowering child support payments.

    And what I don’t understand is how they even got that close to China and those kids. She don’t have security? They give you escorts at six flags and Disney when you famous, so I really don’t understand how all that even happen.

    • BC needs to realize they are watching her. Also, if she is to have no random men around her child, then when the child is with the K’s, there should be no random men around and Rob should not have any random women around the chid. Just balancing out that equation.

  4. I would get custody if I was him. Kid is better off with him and his sisters truth be told. And that’s a bad look for Chyna, that the Kardashians would be better guardians then her.

  5. That child is not better off with some Woman Beating Dumpster Truck and koven.

    And he will never get full custody, if he could have he would have.

  6. Oh please, the ultimate goal is to strip this woman of custody. That’s what the K’s want. Remember that. They will use every incident, event, whatever to poison the water and prove her an unfit mother. They don’t want that little girl with her mother. They want to raise her themselves. Remember that little girl was a trap baby, not something conducted by the K crew, thus, they can’t control the narrative of her life. Specially if she grows up to be more successful than all her cousins.

    The K’s want that kid and they will spend time and money making BC look like an unfit dangerous woman. Also that woman approached the child and BC went nuts. She has to be mindful that they are watching her and they have the justice system on their side. Have you seen any lawsuit go against the Kardashians. None. She has to watch her behavior. BC has to find herself some protection, a grown man who has money and can put shields between her and the K’s.

    • “Remember that little girl was a trap baby, not something PLANNED by the K crew.” They really need an edit feature here.

    • Chyna did not go nuts until that chick slapped her, what part of that are you all missing…smfh.

      • @ 15:52 She got into an altercation. I didn’t see tapes but it’s widely know that is what happened. They will try to that that kid from her. What are you NOT getting.

        • You don’t have to see any tape when the dumb bitch who STARTED it SAYS in an article posted here, she walked up to chyna and slapped the dog shit out of her for no good reason…Stupid MF.

          No court would take a child away for someone assaulting her…now the other dumb shit that bitch does is what she needs to check.

  7. Anonymous@9:48 Why would Rob get custody he’s bipolar and on meds just like Kanye. Chyna did nothing wrong. She has a right to defend her child. Kim and her other sisters don’t care about their kids. It’s all an agenda with get with these black men and raise messed up children.

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