Don’t Drop the Soap: Fabolous Facing 3-5 Years in Prison

fabolous prison emily b

Fabolous has officially been charged with one count of aggravated assault in the third degree as well as one count of making terroristic threats, also in the third degree, against his baby mama, Emily Bustamante, according to Bossip.

Here’s what the website had to say:

“Emily B said her sons’ father committed domestic violence against her, punching her in the head seven times, ‘causing severe damage to her two front teeth,’ which later had to be medically removed. The father of two also texted Emily to ‘inform her that he would hit her in the head with a baseball bat,’ and after he tried to obtain a handgun that had been removed, ‘informed the victim that he had a bullet for her,’ his complaint says.”

Aside from jail time, he’s facing up to $15,000 in fines if he’s convicted.


  1. Emily!!!! Move on from him! You’re too pretty for this, go date 50 cent or something

    • What does looks have to do with anything. So, I guess if she was considered ugly, would u tell her to stay.

      • That is all that Bitch ever talks about.

        100% superficial and zero substance.

        • I skip over her comments. Acting like she knows these people personally. Very deluded

  2. Good for him. I hope they give him the max and then when he gets to prison he gets shanked with a dirty sharp toothbrush handle and goes to the infirmary, where they sneak in and sodomize him, then he has to fight for his manhood, kills a dude, then gets 20 years added to the original 5. That is my wish list.

  3. Off Topic: Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary of the US Government committing murder against Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    • But it was the black people around him that helped the government. Nine times out of ten, it’s someone close.

    • 50 year anniversary of Jessie Jackson asking him to go on the balcony, and then being the only person who was able to leave Memphis whilst the city was on total lock-down!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You black women are really sad. You are not married to anyone, so worry about yourself.

  4. If this doent prove to her that he doent give a fuck about her nothing will.

    My husband used to beat my ass for breakfast lunch and dinner. And he did knock oit my front teeth because he said I thought I was too cute and smiling too much smh.

    What made it so bad is that he was a boxer. But through all those ass whoopings I learned how to bob and weeve, said ENOUGH (pun intended) and knocked that motha fucka out cold. He uses to say bitch give me yo money and fuck or fight, I chose to fight.

    Emily is a pretty girl she can have any man she wants but until she relizes hers strength and leaves him he will abuse her again.

    FOH she ain’t little and if she Sparta kick that lil motha fucka in the nuts with them big ole thigh muscles and put a box cutter on that ass a few times he will love her fa eva!!!

      • *and all the other typos…done made me mad shoot, lil ugly beady eyed fucker.

      • Girl after I beat his ass a few times I found out that he got off on that shit and left him for good. He tried to keep coming back but when um done wit cha ass I dont back track.

        God forgive but he is in the ground now and I have no fucks ta give…RIP

  5. Smh what a dumbass idk he always came off as a queen to me like attitude problems he might just like prison.

  6. Sounds like we were married to the same person except the x boxed for the marine corps…SMH

    • Smht mine was a coward with so many issues that I thought I could look over and fix. Years lost that I will never get back…


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