The Game Blames Social Media for Tearing Fabolous’ Family Apart

the game fabolous social media

As news spread that Fabolous was facing 3-5 years in prison for allegedly assaulting his baby mama, Emily Bustamante, The Game accused “social media” of making the rapper’s situation worse.

In his Instagram post, Game says Fab’s family is being torn apart by people who are happy that his life is now in shambles.


  1. This is coming from a woman beater. The game beat up his baby mother Tiffany Cambridge and held the kids hostage. He’s likes underage girls. The game is a creep.

    • Exactly, all facts! Regardless of the public’s opinion Punk ass Fab still knocked her teeth out and set the worst example of a father.

  2. Game shut the f*ck up! Ninja you broke your baby mamma’s eye socket you Basset Hound faced child molester! These dudes born in the 70s and early 80s still think it’s OK to beat your wife or girlfriend. Sh*t is sad man, like just accept when someone does wrong, the guy was dead ass wrong for fighting her like that.

  3. He really does need to STFU before his biz around impregnating minors is put on complete blast.

    Someone needs to step up at these social sites and stop allowing adults to dm minors.

  4. The Game needs to just stop already or go get a talk show, he is so gossipy.

  5. The only reason any of these people are famous is due to social media (and Auto Tune).

    Live by the sword, die by the sword

  6. spoken like a beater that defends a beater. how is fab a father figure as he is beating his children’s mother. perhaps both beaters should look at the tape again and close their eyes and LISTEN TO THE CHILD crying in the background, not laughing CRYING! trash…and more trash.

  7. I’m thinking TG was looking in the mirror when he wrote the post
    #hypocrisy at its best

  8. And just to think I actually used to respect Game.

    Nigga all on Instagram taking pictures in his boxers, showing his dick prints.
    Nigga can’t seem to get a woman his age so he fucks with barely legal teenager girls.
    Nigga beefing with these new lame ass rappers for relevancy.
    This nigga turned into an attention whoring ass clown.

  9. The LAST place anyone is looking for an example of what a black family man is does NOT rest at Fabulous and Game.

    The bar must’ve been set low if they feel they champion family rights. Lol.

    When these two actually marry their long term girlfriends and do something positive for the black community- maybe then we’ll stop to listen.

  10. Lame ass Game…without 50 his first album was trash and got shot for a dime bag..yeah real tough…and dropping more names than I can remember

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