Blac Chyna Loses Stroller Endorsement After Six Flags Brawl

blac chyna loses stroller endorsement

After using her daughter Dream’s stroller as a weapon during her Six Flags brawl, Blac Chyna has now lost a huge endorsement.

Sources report the company, Momiie, was already fed up with Chyna’s antics, including her leaked sex tape, but the stroller fight was the final straw.

“[We] cannot excuse that sort of reaction and behavior particularly in a family resort around children.”

Chyna had plans to turn the endorsement deal into her own line of baby strollers, but she blew that opportunity!


  1. Bad luck or someone behind the scenes? No good has come from her union with the K’s. Now she’s lost all her money deals and could lose her meal ticket (Nightmare / Dream) – that baby’s life is going to be a living hell with Kris keeper her close …

  2. She could have handled it better, but some random person walked up and touched her child in an amusement park with who knows how many people. She’s famous and her business is on social media. All she did was comment on the behavior of some pigeon and the pigeon physically attacked her. She didn’t have many options when a random person ran up on her.

    I’m guessing the tape leak was someone else trying to make money off her name, or maybe the Kardashians paid for it to mess with her endorsements.

  3. Well Momiie got what they deserved. Were there no other famous mothers than her to endorse their strollers? Did Octomom miss their call?

    Who the f*ck did they think they were getting?

  4. Ciara, Angela Simmons, Serena Williams, Beyoncé, Toya Carter, Tiny, Janet Jackson and the list could go on… any of the listed women could’ve represented the stroller brand in a higher class than Chyna.

    • Ciara, Angela Simmons, Janet Jackson, Tiny, Beyoncé and class in the same sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • So true, there are better more sane people that can represent the stroller than Diaper Booty!!! Perhaps she was cheaper smh

  5. She should start writing urban books…the coldest winter ever type shit. I think her books would be really good and people would buy them. That way she can get the bag and still be a thotty ass bich. Im sure she have stories 4 days…

    • That’s true, but I see a ghost writer, writing a ‘SuperHead’ type book for Chyna. She’d make a shit load of money, especially if she named names or used aliases

      • The only book this bitch could write would be written in crayon, for dumb bitches like you!!! Even then you would need someone to read it for you.

        • You have nerve to talk trick, since you obviously don’t know what a ghost writer is.

          Before you try to clown you better know what the Fuck you are reading is saying, you hateful, sloth from the goonies looking, shitbag.

  6. Why would anyone sponsor Blac Chyna for anything relating to children? Could have seriously picked anyone else and they picked one of the worst ones ??‍♀️ I really have no sympathy for her as she had her daughter basically off of revenge and ended up looking stupid af. I can’t stand the Kardashians but I can’t stand this idiot even more

  7. Not one of you Motherfucka’s talking shit would have let some Ratchet walk up to you and slap you in your face without a reaction.

    So what she has not made the best choices, but I bet every single one of you have more than a few things in your life you wish you could take back.

    Crabs in a Barrel Mentality… this is part of the reason we are failing as a community.

    • Lmfao talking about a community yet calling people that you don’t know motherfuckers. Nah bitch I don’t make stupid ass “mistakes” like dating a young ass boy, or having a child out of of revenge. Assholes like you are the type to say no one is perfect. Yeah no one is perfect but that doesn’t give anyone the right to keep fucking up and Keep saying sorry. Speak for your self and
      Fuck your “community “

      • STFU You Fucking Loser.

        You have Done Worse than this chick, that is why you are caught up on her shortcomings.

        No one gives a shit about you so you have to worry about being a part of any Community, you Raggedy Ass Fag.

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