Vivica A. Fox Can’t Stop Talking About 50 Cent

vivica fox 50 cent

Vivica A. Fox is on a media tour to talk about her new book, but she can’t seem to stop talking about her past relationship with 50 Cent.

In the clip, Viv calls 50 the love of her life once again and said the two of them have had ups and downs but made peace with each other last year.

She also said she doesn’t want beef with the rapper because his clap backs are too savage.


    • This old hoe can’t stop dick riding 50cent smh typical black women in hollyfuck… goes out with the black man and then after the relationship is over trynna talk trash about how he broke up with her, how he was abusive and all that other bullshit. If 50 done the same thing they’de drag him but Vivica trynna use him to write a book smh Glad 50 got himself a NON Black woman, seriously, this bitches be on something… Notice his Ex the non black woman they on a good place compared to his first baby mom and Vivica who were out there dragging him n shiit.

      • You sound like a Bitter Bitch, LOL!

        Whatever woman hurt you did her job! LMAO!

        • No bitterness. He was the only famous man she dated that might help her sell the book.

  1. I wonder if she would look like that if she had never had surgery.

    Her face looks like a hefty bag.

  2. Wow he must really be good in bed for her to constantly keep talking about him and I don’t think she is using his name for book sales wow desperate much not a good look .

  3. She needed to fill her book with something and 50 is the best she can do. She is promoting that book so expect her to talk and talk and talk. She will sell a few copies but there is nothing compelling in her life that would make me want to buy / read her book. She needs to give it up.

    • Glad you can see through the BS too. He’s the most salient point of her life. She has a book to sell and she’s going to continue to talk about him to do so.

    • She could tell more, but she wouldn’t want to reveal her Tyra-like behavior back in the day.

  4. Vivica Fox is starting to act like Janet Hubert. Both black women are over age 50, ugly and bitter. Vivica needs to get over Curtis Jackson and move on with her life. I guess all that terrible plastic surgery has destroyed her brain!

  5. Vivica Fox looking like Latoya Jackson all knifed up and sick! Black women should never get plastic surgery!

  6. I see dirty azz 50 paid people to attack a beautiful lady. Again ! Something only a homo does.

  7. Ladies- work on your soul/spirit. Not your face. Do the self work!!

    Beautiful women of color almost/at 50:

    DJ Beverly Bond
    Angela Bassett
    Viola Davis
    Mara Brock Akil
    Garcelle Beauvis
    Halle Berry
    Niecy Nash
    Veronica Webb
    Cynthia Bailey
    Panda Lakshmi
    Vanessa Williams
    Marlo Hampton
    Marjory Harvey
    Lisa Rae

    Just to name a few…

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