Alexis Skyy & Zell Swag Question Masika’s Parenting and Get Dragged

aleix skyy zell swagg masika kalysha

Alexis Skyy and recently fired Love & Hip Hop Hollywood costar Zell Swagg took to her Instagram Live to question Masika Kalysha’s alleged drug use.

The two buddies mention Masika allegedly popping Xanax at the LHHH reunion taping, and Zell jokes about calling child protective serves on Masika to get her child with Fetty Wap taken away.

But you know Masika wasn’t havin’ it!

masika alexis skyy

masika alexis skyy feud

In case you forgot, both Masika and Alexis have had CPS called on them.


  1. These two idiots need to grow up how dare you talk about someone else parenting and your child is still in the hospital fighting for her life get the hell of social media and go worry about your baby life dummy.

    • Maaan these old hoes got nothing going for them but fucking Fetty Wap and being one of his 100 baby mamas. They both got a long history of selling pussy so i’m not sure whats worst!!!

  2. Alexis is pathetic sitting up giggling with a queen while her baby’s in the hospital.

  3. What people wont do for fame, power, and the praise of man…

    God bless and keep their poor children. Good, solid, loving parenting is lost for this generation.

    All they seem to want is their snapback, forget about the babies…

  4. These 2 ratchet, funky ZERO’s are still looking for their 15 minutes! PATHETIC!!

  5. This chick is slow I remember her from Long Island City Queensbridge Projects she was the hood pass around at a young age fucking drug dealers for sneakers. When I say slow I mean mentally challenged / delayed.

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