Which One of Y’all Called CPS on Alexis Skyy?

alexis skyy cps

When Alexis Skyy isn’t visiting her premie daughter in the hospital, she’s either making it clap at one of her strip club gigs or posting videos like this on Instagram.

No photoshop here @boombod ???

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So someone decided they had enough and called CPS on Fetty Wap’s baby mama. Alexis addressed the situation on her Instagram Story:

alexis skyy fetty wap


  1. Now days people should have a permit to have children and a full screen test because these people out here now days having kids should be against the law they legalize everything else legalize that.

    • Nawl because foster care is raping them and some more shit. The system could be worse.

  2. It’s confidential so why post about the visit. No one had to know but you, the hospital and the agency.

  3. Her and Fatty need birth control. That’s horrible seeing Alexis showing her ass one minute then visiting her baby the next. Too much! And Fetty got kids in every state #Prayingforall50kids

  4. Hmm mouse like which baby mama called them on her bc they the only one checking for that azz! LMAO SMH

  5. The hospital probably called, idiot. They do that all the time before they release the baby if they feel the mom is not fit.

  6. If u miss a visit or don’t call for three days in a row the hospital will call the social worker they have to. Alot of people don’t know that I do cuz I have problems carrying babies I had two preemies and the nurse told me I never had that problem tho cuz I saw mine everyday. God bless the baby.

  7. Who thought it was a good idea for either one of them to have a baby? She don’t have her shit together and he probably ain’t Father of the Year to any of the babies he already has. Did she do this for money and fame? I guess she forgot that no matter how much money he has he still has other kids to pay for that were already here before hers. Sometimes fame and the money can be short lived. There’s many people that were the hot thing in the industry then all of a sudden they fell off.

    Imma need my people to grow up and deal with reality.

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