No Celebrities Showed Up to Craig Mack’s Funeral

craig mack funeral no celebrities

Celebrities were quick to send their condolences after Craig Mack passed away on March 12, but DJ Scratch has put them all on blast in an Instagram post. Apparently, he was the only famous person to show up to the rapper’s funeral.

Is the industry fake?


  1. That’s because Craig was a played out rapper

    Dj scratch hell who even member him all he was wondering dj and damn few folks member that

    Other played out rapper could have went guess they too busy going on the oldies old school hip-hop tours since all the eighties and nineties rappers are broke and doing gigs to make money these days

    Ask Mary j blige , Doug e fresh and big Daddy kane

  2. Friends…….How Many Of Us Have Them?……..Friends…….Ones We Can Depend On.

    #Fake Is…… As Fake Does!!!!

    No Surprises!!!

  3. Young dumb mtfs these days would think hes played out Craig Mack is a legend fucksticks

    • Yeah I read that ignorant ass comment about him being “played out” (a phrase I haven’t heard since the 90s) and thought the same thing. Craig Mack is a legend, who was lyrically gifted. R.I.H. Craig!

    • Craig Mack a legend please one hit wonder ok a remix with biggie

      Thrn he fell off second album nobody remembers not even puffy

      Yeah Craig gonna be discussed as one of the greatest rappers of all time some legend gtfoh

  4. Sorry he had to die to know who his true so call friends were people I tell you are full of crap that’s why while you are still here on Earth know who’s there for you and not and life will be so much easier trust me.

  5. Why would the show up? They haven’t seen each other in decades, so don’t await death to show up.. It too late for us to talk because I’m dead.

  6. So Sad,…..Heceas the First Rapper on Bad Boys, if my memory is correct. I wonder if P Diddy did anything for the family or helped with the funeral expenses…. It seems like Representatives for. P. Diddy should she been there as a show of acknowledgement and honor to his contribution to his legacy and the Rap Game… Just Saying…May God Bless his Family

    • I don’t think p Diddy did anything for his family you seen what biggie mom said when her son died if he couldn’t make any money from it he not going to be involved with it.

  7. Diddy the rich dick licker, didn’t have the decency to pay respect to the man that pioneered the launch of bad boy! I met Craig Mack on a few occasions and he was such a cool dude and humble even at the height of his success. RIP brother!

  8. Craig Mack helped put bad boy on the map point blank bad boy should’ve shown more love.Sleep In peace brother.

  9. Just being on several sets I can promise you the people that are famous are the most desperate people in the world. Do you know how much butt they have to kiss to get where they are at? Then it’s crazy how they later turn they nose up at regular people like they did not beg to get where they at. Most of us have too much self respect to do what they did to get famous. So the point is no I’m not surprised celebs did not show up to his funeral, it wasn’t enough press coverage!! They was at Michael funeral and Michael would not touch them with a 30 foot pole.

    • Mike was a world wide entertainer stayed on the news. Met the president, had cartoon, made thriller biggest selling album all time

      Co wrote we are the world another blockbuster hit

      Made commercials, films, won whole bunch of Grammys, and awards

      Every album sold everybody he worked with sold

      Your grandparents knew who Mike was

      Compare that against a rapper with one hit

      Ray j and solange are more legendary than Craig

      Even tula tequila have more credibility than craig

  10. Hits dont make you a legend dumbasses, take cannibus for instance he has no hits but is a legend. If you think Craig Mack only made music with bad boy your a dumbass

  11. What the hell Craig did after his bad boy era popped up on a remix with G dep thrn puff phukked him over again then he became a drug addict

    Yeah Craig could rap but hell you gotta have more than rhyme skills to be considered one of the greatest

    Only reason biggie became great was by dying young

    • Who made you the authority on who qualifies as A rap legend. I don’t care if it was one hit in was a LEGENDARY one and we the people crowned him so STFU.

  12. There are artist who are on the radio now that are ” played out”, at least when I hear craig mack’s flava in your ear I can understand what he’s saying. At least there is a topic, I am tired of all these jiggle rappers.

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