Roseanne Shades TF Out of Wendy Williams

roseanne wendy williams tom arnold

Comedienne Roseanne Barr stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to promote her Roseanne reboot. Wendy brought up Roseanne’s ex-husband, comedian Tom Arnold, who gave a review of the sitcom’s first episode.

Roseanne got noticeably uncomfortable and told the talk show host, “I don’t like talking about husbands, right Wendy?”

Hit the play button to watch it go down.

The SHADE!!!!


  1. I love Roseanne she is the Queen of shade Wendy if you can’t take it don’t dish it out she told you she didn’t want to talk about him I would love if someone put Wendy in the damn hot seat and ask her what’s really going on but I am pretty sure Kevin warn her not to even mention that part of their life lol

  2. She said she briefs the guest on what she will ask. I wonder if she briefed Roseanne. I’m sure Rosanne told them before the show she didn’t want to talk about Tom and Wendy brought him up anyway. She said on the couch she didn’t want to talk about Tom, Wendy kept on. Rosanne’s expression PRICELESS. Wendy’s expression DAMN U KEVIN.

  3. I actually did see this shit before I left…and hoseanne dropped kicked that Bitch in the chest w/o laying a finger on her!!!…LOL!

  4. That was classic old school shade and I loved every minute of it! I didn’t think that Wendell ?’s could bulge any further. Look like they was gonna pop out! She wasn’t ready Lmao

  5. Bawahahaha…….Wendy Was Trying 2 Be A Trangsta…..&…..Hillbilly Roseanne Ethered That Ass!!!

  6. Roseanne is a g lol. She will say whatever is on her mind. I’m glad she put Wendy in her place and while I don’t agree with her supporting trump at least she had the balls to say she does support him. Some of your favorite celebrities voted for him and are acting like they can’t stand him. He’s still in office tho so a lot more people like him than you think. ?‍♀️

    • True. You know alot of white celebrities voted for Trump, but they’d never admit. I respect anyone who comes out and admits they support Trump because at least they’re not blindly following what Hollywood dictates to them. And guess what? As black people, it shouldn’t matter coz if Hillary was in office we’d still be treated the same way we’ve always been or even worse, that bitch already called black men ‘predators’ and was ?% for her husband’s crime bill. Hillary and Trump are all racist, at least Trump doesn’t conceal it, at least I’d feel better knowing I can avoid such a person unlike Hillary who’ll be sabotaging you indirectly and when you call her out, dumb negroes will defend her

      • If blacks were truly defending her she WOULD be in office, moron.

        Stop assuming what we ALL think… not all of us are for her and damn sure are not for him …the majority of black folks are woke and know the game …which resulted in a trump victory.

        What we need to do now is start getting the right people in office, because all apathy will do is keep us tired of being sick and tired.

  7. I read her book…. I’m knew she was real when she admitted she had lunch with the Devil himself and he morphed into different people before her own eyes before handing over the contract for her soul….and that’s why she left Hollyweird#?

    • Hold the Fuck Up…

      Put the blame where it belongs.

      Wendell is the one who had her on his show, tried to clown and got schooled…so if you want to talk traitor holler at ya boy wendell for promoting that Bitch in the first place.

  8. I luv the way she shaded Wendy. And Wendy backed down. Remember, this is someone who threatened to out Eddie Murphy who kept calling her fat. Wendy did not even have her research together.

    Interesting that these shows are coming back, goes to show you that there is no more talent in TV land

  9. I like Roseanne but I aint feeling this show with all the kids grown up with their kids and old people issues (meds) and PC crap. Sometimes you just can’t marry the same man twice. It failed the first time for a reason,.

    • Being on air for 9 seasons is hardly a fail.

      It ended because it was time. This reboot will not last nearly as long.

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