Craig Mack Dead @ 47

craig mack dead

Bad Boy recording artist who released the 1994 hit “Flava in Ya Ear” has died at the age of 47.

His producer, Alvin Toney, confirmed that the rapper died at a hospital near his Walterboro, South Carolina home on Monday due to heart failure.

“Toney said Mack told him during his visit that he had been ill for some time and knew he wouldn’t live long. ‘He was prepared for whatever comes, to go home to the Lord,” Toney said. “He was prepared to do that. He wasn’t scared. He was ready.'” – NY Daily News

Toney had just visited Mack at his church, Overcomer Ministry, to film a documentary about the emcee’s decision to leave the hip-hop world behind for religious reasons.

He’s survived by his wife and two adult children.



  1. Church yall still trusting these pastors, preachers ,deacons nuns ,priest ,rabis anybody but yourself ………even after they get exposed everyday.I use to feel sorry for Christians but I dont anymore because I have discovered u people dont want to be held accountable for ur bullshit …….u dont want to look inside and judge ur ownself and say I am my only enemy. …Aint nobody coming to save us The Revolution will not be telivised , u got to free yourself by learning yourself and judging these motherfuckers ……and let the Universe deal with these wicked ass People Love and Light

    • I understand how you feel that way. I’ve grown to know most pastors are full of it. But I thank God I have 3 that are not… you need Jesus if you want to understand God. Once God opens your eyes, You will understand the Bible and once you do that the world starts to look like a toy that you can do whatever you want with. Some people are tired of playing games with the devil so they rather leave and go with God… and some of us like to stay and play. God will show you who he is if you seek him and then you will understand…

      • No what YOU need to do is research some factual literature and leave that religious dogma alone. Do you know who ACTUALLY wrote your Bible? And which Bible would THAT be by the way? Do your research, instead of proselytizing your indoctrinated mumbo-jumbo on the internet
        your allegorical cartoon characters have no power outside of the brainwashed nonsense in your fake books. Who were the Piso Family of Rome? What were their role in the creation of your Bible? What was the main order of business at the Counsel of Nicea in 325 a.d? If there was no letter J before the late 17th century what the hell did they call Jesus Joseph Joshua Job Jacob Jeremiah John before then? You need to read “The world’s sixteen crucified saviours” by Kersey Graves then watch the movie Zeitgeist, then after that go on YouTube and watch like ten of Dr Ray Hagins videos, if you’re not at least asking new questions about religion, kill yourself.

    • RIp CM i remember his hit but not much else(that includes most of the 90’s lolo)i do agree with Messiah Blaque,rather then get too heavy,personally i can’t condone,accept or follow “any” organized religion that has enslaved my ppl,created wars,oppress others lie,cheat&steal in the name of their god,if u really want to know where many of the stories of the bible came frm & used(errr stole)study the Egyptian texts,on YT Dr John Henrik Clark has a not too long (30+min) lecture titled “you have no friends” has some interesting pov’s

    • Oh i meant i agreed with Keke Morris& most of Messiah Blaque excluding the kill yourself stuff

  2. Why are good musicians dying off and leaving us with this bull shit nonexistent of so call rap .

  3. Rappers from the 80’s & 90’s are dropping like flies…wtf is really going on.

    • I know right it’s getting out of hand and so sad too. Especially when the good ones leave us too soon.

  4. drugs, no money, paying off numerous artists for samples, and selling souls without them knowing it.

    everybody get caight up on when pac, and biggie we forget most of their peers died too.

  5. Yo I just found out earlier today that Bad Boy released Funk Da World one week after Ready To Die. Business wise that doesn’t make sense to me and kinda explains why his career didn’t pop as it should have

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  7. That’s it jacky no nothing ? This man was done dirty by mr dolphin teeth himself . Jackie quieter than a hoe in church .MR take that, take that ,in the dumper is a known pillow biter and black balled this guy from the jump . Flavor in your ear was a monster puff put the clamps on him right out the gate

  8. Puff fucked over his entire bad boy crew while he’s paid they still broke

    While puff is rich still dancing still getting paid off big and craig

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