DMX Sentenced for Tax Evasion

dmx sentenced tax evasion

DMX has finally been sentenced for evading $1.7 million in taxes and hiding money from the IRS from 2010 – 2016. He was convicted of using cash for all transactions and avoided using a bank account in his name so he wouldn’t leave a money trail.

Before he was officially sentenced, he requested that his song “Slippin” be played in court. The federal judge, Jed Rakoff, agreed to play the song before slamming DMX with a 1-year prison sentence.


  1. God works in Mysterious ways, maybe his time away will assist him to clean up his life……You never know. As crazy as it sounds his time inI jail may help homon His Journey of Recovery.

  2. Correction to typo…..Maybe His Time Away will help him on His Path to Recovery……Maybe his Movie Career can even be Revived….He was always on fire as an Actor, totally Mesmerizing……he Still Has Time To Get Back In the Game.,

  3. That man has a prison wife. No man that hates prison, stays in as much trouble as X does. It just doesn’t make sense.
    I knew something was off when he was running buck naked with a bunch of men squealing like women and cheering him on.

    All the lead male actors of belly are switch hitters. Just took us longer to figure out, X was too.

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