Halle Berry Has a New Boo

halle berry boyfriend

It was just three months ago when Halle Berry proclaimed she was “done with love” after breaking up with Alex Da Kid. But it looks like the actress is ready to get her back blown out once again after debuting her new boo on Instagram with the caption, “PLOT TWIST.”

The couple is already posing for professional photos. And although we can only see the back of his head, it looks like Halle is head over heels in love with another much younger man.

Who do you think her mystery boo is, and do you think it will last?


  1. Don’t trust the mulattoes! Halle Berry is over 50 and is no longer black hollywood’s number one sex symbol. She has to rely on pathetic Madonna like publicity stunts to keep her name mentioned in the hollywood tabloids. Hella Crazy is a average actress who has aged just as bad as Jasmine Guy. Pay no attention to Vincent Cirrincione’s ex mulatto hoe!

  2. Let the fun and games begin! Does she never give her fanny (British version) a rest?

  3. Maybe she should take a year off of looking for love and go back to starting in a big major movie focus on that.

      • You will be surprised she might be crazy but Hollywood isn’t done with her just yet.

        • Her last big hit was x men (2014?) and she did not get the call back,her age +her ethnicity+ being looney = career over,shes in desperate to be noticed mode ak has been

  4. Halle Berry performing these bullshit publicity stunts because she desperately wants her black fans back. Mulattoes don’t age well.

  5. Looking at her peeking over his shoulders. She is thinking “I’m going to f*ck him too and I don’t mean the horizontal mambo. I wonder if her two baby daddies regret making a child with her.

  6. new movie coming out….its posted to the left and right of this page. next………………

  7. I noticed that despite being half white, Halle never gets white boys like DiCaprio or Pitt. I’m not saying that as something we black folks should be proud of, but it speaks to how white people generally have a disdain for mixed people, yet we in the black community put them on a pedestal

    • She did dated dicaprio…white men love mixed blacks more then any form of black. She is just crazy and loose thats why she isnt wifed by A list white celebrities. I have notice that blacks are the only race that pedastal their half caste thats how much self hate we have…

  8. Plot twist….since Halle can’t keep a man to see her life, she decided to become a dyke! Its your world Hall its your world!

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