Fetty Wap’s Baby Momma Masika Kalysha Catches a DCFS Case After Her Baby Swallowed Xanax?

Love & Legal Drama!

According to a tip on another media outlet, the Department of Children and Family Services stepped in after a nurse called them on Masika.

A source reveals:

“Ok. Ill have to get the report when I go back to work tonite but she caught a dcfs case Sunday nite, her baby swallowed Xanax, she claims her baby found it in a friends bag and ate it. They kept the baby overnight and she didn’t want to stay so she left her and the nurses called dcfs…”


  1. What kind of mother leaves her child in the hospital? A piece of shit one
    The drugs were probably hers.

    • Let’s be honest most of our mothers are this neglectful. Why do we always acts shock. Didn’t a black mother encourage her daughter to take her life on live Facebook and then blame it on child protective services. A kid SHE neglected smdh

  2. You got to be a shit Mom for leaving the kid at the hospital. I’m not the worlds best Mom ever, but I’m not leaving my baby there alone for one moment. Especially so young and fragile. Shame on you Manuka!!!

  3. That baby is on xanax and we’re worried about masika leaving her at the hospital?! She was probably safer with her mom not there. I’ve taken just 10mg of xanax and passed out in 15 min! Didn’t even remember passing out. Just woke up and was like wtf!! Now imagine a baby takes it!

      • Think it depends on the dosage. If you pop a low dose, it just makes you real chill. Like you could find out your mama died and you’d just be like, “Well, we all gotta go sometime!”

  4. I think it’s OK for mothers to leave the hospital to go home, shower, eat, and check up on the other children, get baby sitters, and then return to stay with the hospitalized child. However, they notify the staff who encourage parents to take care of business while the sort out the child.

    What raised the flag here is that the child had a controlled substance in her system and the mother was not around to answer more detailed questions. They are also legally bound to notify the authorities who will get DCF involved. How do they know she didn’t try to kill the child. Nothing new with mothers killing their babies, so police has to get involved one way or another.
    Poor kid deserves better parents.

  5. Fetty wap needs to take custody of his child. His parents are still alive, he could give his mom monthly support to take care of her grandchild, cause that baby ain’t safe.

  6. Clone and baby look like one to. And we know Nicki plastic ass is definitely a synthetic robotoid clone

  7. Aaaahhhhh I can’t not believe masika left her their I woooou.ld never my mom would never maybe it is a good thing for her to be adopted!!

  8. Masika knew that when the police got there, she was going to have to explain where the drugs came from. And her saying it was a friends wasn’t going to sit well with them. Because it was her home. But she rather cover her ass and worry about her baby next. She trust to say she sick of trying to make people famous. Smdh.
    Bet she won’t get a DNA on her baby. Cause she all about $$$$$ dead beat. Fetty needs to man up. (If she’s his baby) Somebody needs to take care of the child.

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