Kirk Frost Turns on the Tears with Rasheeda Regarding Affairs

Whether it was the “babysitter” or one of his “artists”, Kirk Frost has always managed to pull off cheating on his wife Rasheeda throughout every season of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta while barely batting an eyelash, due to his latest love triangle involving a secret love child that he fathered with his mistress, Jasmine, watch as he is pushed to tears over his infidelity in this un-released scene from season 6..

check the clip here >>


  1. Tears? Where are those tears when he’s out cheating on Rasheeda time and time again? Rasheeda is a good woman. She’s a good wife and mother to this disrespectful ass’ children. While Rasheeda is trying to keep her family together, Kirk is out making more babies elsewhere. Are they even on the same page? Where is the love for the woman who holds you down when needed? Do men shut off the memory of their wife for a 2 mins of lust?

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