Fabolous Speaks Out

fabolous domestic violence

After news of his arrest and the possibility of him spending the next 3-5 years in prison for allegedly assaulting Emily Bustamante, Fabolous is speaking out.

The rapper took to social media to post the following quote, “Sometimes it is best to just be quiet and let God show people.”

Show what, Fab? We’ve already seen the video of you wildin’!


  1. I am sick and tired of when people do wrong are worng to you they always want to put God in it like yes God did let people see the true you and how screwed up you and other people out here are. That’s what God did do.

    • I agree girl! It’s so aggravating! God gives people free will and a brain. People like him will always mess up and aay things like I’m human, and god this and that. Nah dummy I’m sure this Isent the first time he has hit her and he’s a grown man so he knows right from wrong. He’s just sorry he got caught in the act.

  2. Unless Emily did some really foul stuff we don’t know about, we’ve seen the evidence. If she or someone else did something, his charges would be different.

    If there’s more to tell, speak up. Why let his rep be damaged if it’s not what it looks like?

  3. There’s no justification for him punching her teeth out!!! None!!! I don’t want to hear nathan’ he has to say!

        • Apr 5, 2018 at 10:11
          John Wayne Bobbit ring a bell?. Your conception was a sexual assault retard!!!!

          • Don’t be mad because you are reliving yours…we all know your mother is a prostitute and your father is a trick.

            Too bad more of you have not been castrated, the world would be a better place.

    • did you see pics of her teeth knocked out… did you see a video of him knocking her teeth out? smh…

      • Uh No…keep your MF hands to your MF self!!!

        And if you don’t be prepared to die.

  4. Why is Emily posting pictures tho?! Is she that thirsty for attention?! Like go sit down somewhere and explain to your kids how you’re Not going to put them in a violent environment again… If my teeth were recently knocked out the last thing I would be doing is thoting/ass shots on the gram.

  5. Smh at dumb azz’s who after they commit crimes/infidelities/do dumb shid…etc go on social media???what kind of lawyers do these ppl have ,YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO LAY LOW #idiots #stuckonstupid #socialmediaisthenewdevil

  6. Fuck this bitch Emily (throws rocks then hides her hand). All I saw was an argument occurring. Fab hooked up with this witch and now she need a sacrifice that’s all

    • Right!!! I totally agree… No victim shaming… Its just this simple… She gotta take responsibility for the part she played in this shit too!!! Is it me or did it seem like TMZ was on the balcony of THEIR home recording the whole ordeal!? & another thing… Why the fuck was she even in his presence during that argument… That negro would have NEVER seen my toothless face again!!!

  7. If it weren’t for sm we wouldn’t even know these people excisted…or their apparent problems.

    We believe you and you dont need more people…

    And if you kept your business your business you wouldnt be trying to clean up YOUR mess right now.


  8. Even if Emily did something to cause him to react like that….he should have never reacted that way and kept his cool. Now she’s in position to wash him up.

    • Ur damn right he fuckin wash up guess some 1 trying 2 get a spot on marriage boot camp like jim & chrissy

  9. You know all of this didn’t happen until he turned down p Diddy offer not saying it didn’t happen but it could all be a set up for him too fall a lot of people that turned down p Diddy sexual offer are not around to tell us what really happens to them I could be wrong and just thinking out loud but it’s always a reason for something and tmz just happened to be there ok.

    • lol @Puff’s gay a**

      Puff is turning into Quincy Jones. Stop it, Puff.

      Seriously though. He’s gonna try the wrong dude. 😐

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