T.I. Gives Some Cold Advice to Safaree Following His Robbery

safaree ti robbery advice

Safaree got choked up while speaking to Angie Martinez about getting robbed, but he won’t be getting any kind of sympathy from T.I.

T.I. left this comment on Instagram, basically telling Safaree to get over the ordeal:

Is he being insensitive?


  1. Safari a good dude though, he’s no street Nigga, the Niggaz trynna rob him were some punk Niggaz. He should of know better not to have street niggaz around them…

    • Safaree is jamaican… them boys are like cowboys…shoot em ask questions later culture. My yardie friends says nobody in jamaican respect him because he is a “pussi ole” especially after the nikki incident

      • Yea, I lost respect for him after everything came out about him and Nikki….then he posted his dick…then he was crying over this robbery thing….

      • You’re white. Go back to reddit and whine about black men getting more women than you.

  2. I like Safaree, he seems like a decent dude. He’s right in the middle, not too hard, not too soft IMO. His body and accent are sexy as hell to.

  3. Well the good thing about it is that he didn’t get killed over it people now days not only will they take your stuff they are also bold enough to take your life he should be thinking God not his god but God that he is still alive.

  4. Uh, TI, Safaree didn’t ask for advice on how to snitch or abuse a thesaurus, so your input isn’t needed. 😐

  5. TI always giving his two cents about something that doesn’t concern him.. Safaree didn’t ask him anything, but he had to add to his grief. Sit down TI no one wants to hear your opinion, take care of your household and treat your wife with respect.

  6. Safari is all right. Who wouldn’t be rattled after having a gun pointed at the back of your head?!? TI should really mind his business. He can’t help the situation any — just chiming in with some bullsyt.

          • Women think his big “personality” is attractive. Dudes are mad. TI is cool with Meek. Meek is still mad about that line “your print will never match mine” or something.

            • All women are not into him, he is no anomaly among black men…I have seen bigger and better.

              And you are talking abt a couple of dudes.

  7. Ti always in somebody else business he better hope tiny don’t end up fucking safaree

    Tiny gonna lie about not fucking like she lied about not fucking Mayweather while she was backing G her ass up on him in that video

    Women lie about not getting dick to cover their tracks ask faith evans, Jada Pickett, Alicia keys, and Tisha Campbell who.all was known to cheat with married men or had their own infifelities

    • He did not fuck her, she might have been bowing down though.

      Stop listed your fantasy fuck lists.

    • Safaree won’t. He’s maybe busy with Juju and a bunch of other women.

      I would bet there’s rich white women in his DMs right now.

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