Suge Knight Rushed to the Hospital

suge knight hospital

Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, has been hospitalized for the past two days, according to sources.

The Deathrow mogul, who’s awaiting trial on charges of plowing down two men with his truck, was admitted to the hospital for unknown reasons. He was previously treated for blood clots in 2017, which has been a constant health issue for him.

Get well soon?


  1. From being a multi millionare mogul to now collapsing periodically….all thanks to gang life just sad…. I have told people that poverty isnt the reason why us black men are so violent because if it is then why is that when we become rich we still dapple in violence…so many black althetes and musicians have been accused of murder, shootings or are murdered…disturbing

    • That’s an individual thing. All blk men aren’t violent. Not all blk male athletes and entertainers commit crimes.

      • @Lebron…i never said all black males…i guarantee you that if i said crakkas were evil you wouldnt say not all. See that is whats wrong with black men… instead of looking deeper within ourself and questioning every aspect of lives we spew the same emotional bullshit that these black women say “not all…you need to uplift us..we educated…yall raciss” smdh

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        • It’s a troll though. They said, “us black men.” 😐

          They always tell on themselves. And why are they even on here?

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      • bro why do cats act like we dont have side hustles when when working in legitimate jobs…wasnt mike vick fighting dogs…is half of these so called ice out rappers still selling dope..No troll stating facts

  2. Oh the conspiracy theories

    Suge might die in prison all the people he hurt or had hurt robbed his artists blind

    Had people beat forced Andre Harrell to drink his urine

    Ordered some poor soul to get beat everyday always calling out so.ebody saying who he gonna hurt

    Loved getting locked up

  3. Him and pac had to beat Orlando

    Pac should have stayed out if it and he would have probably lasted longer

    Dre once said his leaving was right on time Dre said he could have been the one shot in Vegas interesting

    Is this why Dre never dissed pac cause of not only fear or because he knew what was gonna happen in Vegas

    All these theories suge had pac Shot or he paid Orlando to take a beat down

    Why Keefe d still living if he snitched they waiting on a certain day to kill him

    Believe when suge die some more death row affiliates are gonna get popped too I mean Afeni and syke both died in the same year then fatal

    Not good to be associated with death row

    Left eye
    Nate Dogd
    Natina Reed
    Frank Alexander
    All dead bug stretch, biggie, eazy, kmg, all had history with suge

    Johnny j dead
    Spice 1 shot in robbery, yukmouth robbed by suge

  4. Snoop bodyguard killed rival gang member
    Dre shot in leg
    Suge best friend killed
    Another suge friend killed
    Dj quik bad luck since he joined deThrow
    Suge goon stabbed at vibe awards when Dre was attacked
    Suge starts hanging around gotti and ja rule murder Inc all of a sudden start using red

    Suge, ja, and Irv all had beef with dre, em, and 50

    Proof killed
    Busta bodyguard killed soon as he join aftermath
    Obie trice shit in head survived
    Tha realest shot survived
    Storm shot at quits rapping

    Doesn’t pay to phukk with suge, puff, or Jay z they have a long list of causalties for whoever phukk with them

    • Going day by day being accused of killing eazy. PAC, and biggie I mean how you night knowing the world is gonna slways think you set three legends up to die

      I mean white folks wearing bullet proof vests mocking him and PACs shooting when he’s on guest shows

      Suge was a devil worshipper he served Satan his music he put out was sex, drugs, and degrading women like all hip-hop.was trying to be like

      Eazy started the trend with dre, and Jerry Heller who convinced eazy to stick with thedarkside

      Eazy died young , dre, cube, suge know about bad energy when you produce satanic music it came back on pac and biggie who was representing evil and Satan too much talking about death , suicide, homicides, makaveki was a dark album and the unreleased material pac left behind was full of death vibes

  5. Well he will only get what he deserved.
    He is a bully and a murderer.
    If I was in the cell with him I’d smack him and make him suck my pale colorless manhood.
    Than I’d rear end him and shoot jiz all down his throat.

  6. F**k Sweet Suga Bear.
    He probably getting d**ked down like he use to do to Danny Boy and Snoop Doggy Dogg and sucking on a fat pickle swallowing them juices.

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