LMAO! Gary Owen & Michael Blackson Are Beefin’!

gary owen michael blackson beef

Gary Owen and Michael Blackson are involved in an Instagram beef, and it all started when Gary clowned Blackson during an interview with the Breakfast Club as he mocked rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Click through the videos to see the entire feud in action.








  1. Probably a fake beef, however, f**k Gary Owens.

    Blackson is funny as hell. lol

  2. Lmao this was fake but pretty funny. I’m dying at the pan down to his crusty feet lol

  3. Gary Owen isn’t even really funny. And, not to diss, but I can’t even really think of any white comedians I really like, except Luis CK.

    • I recently put ol skool comic George Carlin on my top 5 list(youtube George Carlin on “the american dream” & “white people”)Lisa Lampanelli further down my list,never heard of GO or LCK

      • lck is the one who has the sexual assault scandal in comedy going on… not a fan of hardly any white comics.

    • Exactly, I can’t stand Michael B. he’s annoying as hell and Gary O is laughs more at his own jokes than the audience.

  4. They are both crazy and I never heard of either of them.. Too many so called comedians and they are not funny at all..

    • If Wakanda inspires acts of blexcellence and radical protest, it might as well be.

  5. Clearly they are joking… come on y’all can’t be seriously taking this serious..

  6. Social media – does it help one’s career? If so, how? I don’t understand y these posts exist!
    Ever since Gary had some shyt to say about Monique, he’s on the circuit once again. Ever since Tiereese had a meltdown, Michael is all over the circuit. So I go back to my original questions!

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