2Pac Calls Dr. Dre a ‘Closet Homo’ in Uncovered Liner Notes

tupac 2pac dr dre closet homo

In newly revealed liner notes from Tupac Shakur’s 1996 album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, the rapper went OFF on a bunch of people, including his Death Row label mate, Dr. Dre, as well as the men who were allegedly involved in the 1994 attack at NYC’s Quad Recording Studios, which he was robbed and shot five times.

“I dedicate this 2 Jack ‘the snitch’ Agnant for ordering the hit, 2 Tut (Walter “King Tut” Johnson) for shootin me, 2 Puffy, Big, Stretch, Lil Shawn, Jimmy henchman & whoever else remained silent while quietly conspiring my downfall, I thank U,” – 2Pac

But that wasn’t all, he referred to Wendy Williams as a “fat b***h,” called Mobb Deep a bunch of “no record selling a**es,” and Dr. Dre a “closet homo.” De La Soul was called “fat washed up bums,” and Lil Kim was referred to as “weave wearing Biggie short stubby d**k sucking Kim.”

Damn, Pac LMAO!!!


  1. Who hasn’t called dre a homo…

    I wonder if he still wears lipstick & lace on the low…LOL!

  2. Damn that nig said thank you to faith for her beat up pussy…

    I can’t stop laughing!! LOL!!!

      • Exactly, people don’t pay attention his whole life is and was a lie. No black man in the 90’s would be able to shoot 2 cops, walk free then get convicted of sexual assault , get sentenced to 1 to 4 years , get 9 month’s into a sentence then get bailed out. Nobody knows a black man who was bailed out of pruson, famous or not, Tyson had far more money than tupac and he still served his full sentence, James broe. Rick James, Wesley snipers all far bigger stars than tupac was but still had to serve their full sentencing or were paroled but none were bailed of prison.

        • there is a difference between what Pac and Tyson were convicted of. The cops were off duty and in the wrong..conspiracies dont mean shit if you don’t read first.

  3. I love Pac but this wasn’t his finest moment and ultimately led to him being killed…joining the “gang” instead of just being an artist. Why can’t we ever promote something positive between two black men instead of a beef?

    • What led to his death was him trying to uplift his community.

      He WAS trying to get MFs to work together, they all knew tptb were gunning for him and they ALL turned their back on him, because they all are some bought & paid for Bitches.

      So I am GLAD he called all those trick MFs out!

      • No, what led to his death was DEATH ROW BS! Beating up Orlando over a stolen Death Row medallion! Real Talk. He never should have been a part of that fight in Vegas. He joined the DEATH ROW GANG. That was Suge’s fight and he should have left it there. HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH UPLIFTING HIS COMMUNITY. HOW WAS FIGHTING IN A CASINO UPLIFTING HIS COMMUNITY? This wasn’t a Black Panther move, this was a DEATH ROW move. Wrong place and choice.

        • You don’t know shit.

          He was becoming an agent for CHANGE.

          Try again, when you can come up with something other than what the media put out there.

          • You don’t know WHAT i know. Let’s just leave it at that. And again, how the fuck is fighting another BLACK MAN uplifting the damn community? Don’t we have enough DEAD SOLDIERS?

            • What I know is YOU DON”T KNOW SHIT.

              You are a clueless COSPIG supporter, so STFU, BITCH.

    • His death was a little bit more deeper than a gang it’s beyond bloods and crips it’s down a deeper rabbit hole .

      • What’s with the conspiracy theories?! I noticed this a lot from you… real question, no pun intended.

        • It’s really not a conspiracy theory most of the work that I do involve knowing a lot of different people and when I got to be around some of this people you would be surprised about a lot you can find out.

  4. Did he know speak his mind??? Yes and that’s a good thing to speak on paper

  5. Listen to watch ya mouth where pac disses Dre, Wendy, nas and de la soul

    Then listen to ny 87 where pac, daz, kurupt, and threat diss biggie, jeru, a tribe called quest and de la

    Then pac and storm did a song dissing lil kim, big, faith, ll in a he vs she battle

    • How many white people did this coon diss? Yes, zero. Your hero is a CIA invention who took hip hop from “De La Soul” to “Sell ya Soul” (to Satan).

      • I will admit pac contradicted himself can’t be a rebel and anti establishment and then you phukk Madonna and yes pac phukked white girls too

        To costarring in films with whites

        Yes sorry but I live his music but he wasn’t no real gangster

        He spent his career trying to be this thug or live up to this image he wasn’t hardcore like he said. He was

        Like MC eiht said pac had no gang ties he didn’t start out a crip or blood

        Even puff said pac was a rapper actor

        • If you “live his life” the C.I.A did their job perfectly. They could not let you follow the De La Soul love your fellow black man message.

          • De la was part of native tongue along with jungle brothers, tribe called quest, queen latifah and monie love and they was. All dl lgbt

            I mean I never seen de la with women

  6. Who was Tupac Shakur? Google “Lesane Parish Crooks”. Was THAT even his real name? The biggest liar ever-other than satan’s tongue-is telelevision programming. “Tell a lie in vision”

    • Oh Shut “the” Fuck up.

      You obviously don’t know what the man was trying to do to better the community.

      Of all the fakes out there you choose to try to talk shit about a real one..smdh.

            • And their is empirical evidence to back that up? Wrong yet again. But that is the story of your life right? Your dumb nigga shit roasts don’t work on normal people coon!!!

              • Bring it ALL You Bogus Bitch.

                And I don’t want to see any Youtube clips or BS articles written by nobodies.

  7. I loved his music, but Pac was fake. He was a performing arts school student, but then tried to act hard later (method acting). Marlon Wayans talked about that. The thug image was selling hard when Pac was hot. That’s when it started to push out hip hop and it became all about guns.

    Some people think Pac was bisexual. There’s video of Pac acting fruity back in the day, but I can’t tell if he’s trolling or not (he was a good actor). There’s also a letter he allegedly wrote to his boyfriend.

    • That is why he actually had some talent and sense dummy, unlike this trash we have out here today.

      If he WERE bi he would have took quincy jones up on his offer for head, instead of outing that bitch.

    • maybe he saw the truth and because the community…. look at other races who listen to hip hop they then act like they are black so why couldn’t pac be influenced by his community…maybe he rather be a N.I.G.G.A than a jesse jackson who is raping the community and sold out

  8. Pac was the fakest rapper there is. He is the blueprint for studio gangsters. For some reason his fans can’t get that through their thick skulls.I love his music but let’s keep it real here! The man was a double agent. He only started using that positive rap because he saw a market for it. 2 Pac was a double agent who poisoned the mind of black youth, then tried to swtich it up, after he did all that damage. He never went after any white person and they were going after him constantly! Dude went to acting school and was an actor. It’s how he came to up with the 2Pac character!
    Dude was always going after dr.dre but never went after himself. Dude danced in thongs and knows what he did with Dre to get himself popping. He and Snoop are lucky Dr.Dre and a couple of the old school west coast industry bosses aren’t down with being candid about their sexuality. Snoop damn there not trying to hide it anymore! Majority of your west coast rappers who made it big are nothing but power bottoms, minus Nipsey and even he didn’t start popping until hanging around and getting co-signed by the suspect rappers!
    May he RIP he was talented but fake as hell.

    • MC eiht said his career didn’t pop.because he refused to play gay roles

      Wc in his DVD asked field mob to describe the record industry and both members said they be raping you

    • Dre was a woman beater and a coward who went along G with gangster rap only to say he’s done with it but it didn’t stop him from signing Eminem, game, and 50 who all served the satanic agenda and Dre made money off them

      Cube you can see death symbols on all his albums with his fake Muslim ass he tried to be a gangster all his career to call-in himself a don mega fake ass common core his ass up.in 95 and Kam ripped him one

      Ice t went from a crip, pimp street guy to quoting iceberg slim to doing what iceberg considered a abomination to all pimps by crying over Coco

      Ice was supposed to let Coco fuck around long as she got paid

    • If there were a market for Positive Rap everyone would be doing it Dumb Bitch!

      The agenda is to NOT have anything positive except for dl nggas HIV results and he stood alone on the west during the 90’s in presenting a positive message.

      I Swear, You Can’t Fix Stupid!

    • Pac allegedly danced in a thong for a room full of women. It was supposed to be a joke. I think it was his Digital Underground days when he was being goofy, and being himself.

    • You are a sheep. If you could think for yourself, then you wouldnt come off as ignorant. Pac rapped about what he saw. He didnt rap about the gangsta shit until he got shot. Before that he was all about his people. But when those same people do you dirty, you will change in some way or another. Get shout up and locked up by and for your so called home boys and see if your mentality changes. Dont be a sheep kid.

    • When method acting goes too far…

      He did stuff like that because it worked. People really think he was a thug. lol Dude was just a really good actor and performer.

  9. Digital.underground was party rappers and serious buyers of pfunk who was a party group, and cult themselves George Clinton admitted he was in the process church who served Satan and shock G and pac was both followers of Clinton Luke Dre. Eazy and snoop is

    Pac, Dre and snoop all.worked with Clinton and roger Troutman who was discovered by George back in 1978

    Roger was killed three years after pac and George said it wasn’t shocking to him odd

  10. Pac made some classic rap that lives on with each new generation because it’s passed down. He talked about living and dying in this world. Pac was intelligent & relevant. That’s why he’s idolized. People who make money off of him are capitalists. He was an artist with flaws. So what.

  11. 2pac > every rapper from new york !!! 100% Fact !!! This is why new yorker are JEALOUS of 2pac !!! ~ P.s. Puffy, Big, Jack, Henchman, Stretch ect. = CIA DOUBLE AGENTS SENT TO BRING DOWN 2PAC !!! (youtube search MK Ultra Mind Control)

    • Wow. You folks are still jealous of New York. 😐

      Is it because NY dudes have kids that actually look like them?

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