WTF?! Is Lorde Really Mocking Whitney Houston’s Death?!

lorde whitney houston death

Lorde posted a photo of a bathtub on an Instagram along with the caption, “And iiii will always love you,” and immediately got dragged all over the Internet. Many assumed the singer was mocking Whitney Houston’s death since the singer died in a bathtub.

lorde whitney houston

Once she was called out, she tried to backtrack and played it off like it was all a big misunderstanding.

lorde bathtub whitney houston

lorde whitney houston bath

Do you believe her?


  1. I think Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison was both found dead in bath tubs

    Rick James used to overdose in bath tubs according to teena Marie who.admitted to almost drowning herself on numerous occasions in the 80s

    What’s up.with doing drugs in the bathtub anyway

    • In some occult schools it indicate rebirth. Many stars have pics taken in the bath, 2Pas, Taylor Swift, Eminem etc.

  2. She’s the ”donkeeeey of the day”, and a dick, to be sure. with Taiwan facing a nation quarantine on a Friday–nothing is slow today but sloths and servers. Ha.

  3. she made a mistake and corrected it. no need to “drag” the girl. how many mistake have you made today? leave her alone. so pathetic.

  4. Why the “iiiiii” shyt? She knew what she was doing. She heard the song in her head. Now MAYBE she didn’t put the death tub in perspective. We love(d) her so we are sensitive to any disrespect. Either way, publicizing her own bathtub complete with quotes, on social media is suspicious and stupid.

  5. Next time I get in a plane and I’m sing rock the boat thrn apologize to all Aaliyah fans

  6. The bath tub or water in general represent the duality of the world’s a gate so to speak..note the many movies and videos depicting people in bathtubs..

  7. OK, here is my take. She did it on purpose but the reaction was the opposite of what she intended. I don’t think she intended or meant to disrespect Whitney. It seems more like a shout out using Whitney’s memory but it backfired and she apologized.

    You don’t say “And iiii will always love you,” without thinking of Whitney’s single (and yes I know it was Dolly’s first). Look at the I, that tells you she was referring to Houston.

    Why not just say, yes, it was a reference to Whitney but I didn’t think through it and it came off very insensitive, as if a joke about her death and it was not…… I do apology.

    Just apologize, don’t say for offending anyone, or if anyone was offended, etc. Just say you are sorry for the inappropriateness of ….. Period.

  8. She could have easily taken a selfie lying on the floor near the toilet with the lyrics to “You Aint Nothing But A Hounddog” But I guess it’s just easier to kick an Original earthling when they are down… Filthy lice ridden neanderthal.

  9. Idk this old lady, but she did put day off. But if she did, it was was in poor taste. A certain typecast are passive Aggressive. sooo…

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