Tyga Gets His 5-Year-Old Son Sued for Rent Money

tyga son lease sued

Back in March 2017, Tyga leased a $40K a month home from Mezhgan Hussainy, who just so happens to be Simon Cowell’s ex-fiancée. Everything was all good until Tyga stopped paying rent in January 2018.

Mezhgan is suing to evict the rapper and get all of the back rent, and since Tyga listed his 5-year-old son King Cairo’s name on the lease, the little boy is now listed as “other defendants” in the eviction lawsuit.



  1. That is so wrong on so many levels why do that to that little boys credit and why rent a house knowing you don’t even have a steady job to pay for hit you only had one hit stupid ass.

  2. That poor baby. He doesn’t just have one dumb ass parent he has two??‍♀️ Tyga is the definition of a bitch ass nigga

  3. I don’t feel little boys should have long hair like a girl. May cause gender confusion. Also, his parents are idiots. Some ppl don’t need to procreate.

  4. $40,000 a month! Y does he think he deserves this! WHO is actually funding his lifestyle!! Putting a bill in your kid’s name is some ghetto shyt!

  5. There should be a website that list bun broke dumb ass niggas like this and their actions so nobody will ever holler or get pregnant by this loser again. This picture should be on the back of every milk carton with the title ” Have you seen this broke lame ass dude” Beware of this slime bucket who preys on childrens credit….child credit predator alert!

    • The Kardashians thought he was a brother with money until he started leeching off of her. That list is needed, yes.

      • It wouldn’t matter. If a dude is “pretty” and has a big “personality,” women will still get with him. Even not so handsome black men will get away with it. Black men are biological gigalos.

  6. I’ve been reading and hearing about his money woes for awhile now. So this doesn’t surprise me one bit. This dude is a fraud, liar, phony, deceptive, impostor, perpetrator, counterfeit, pseudo baller. It was bad before and now he has stooped even lower by using his baby’s credit line to stunt. Which is so stupid…WTF is he trying to impress…and why? I know no one who really even cares about dude. At this point Chyna probably has more money than he does. Such a jackass!

    • He still gets women tho.

      His eyes are Asian, but apparently his d*** is black. lol

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