Fabolous Knocked Out Emily’s Teeth During Assault

fabolous emily bustamante assault

More details have emerged regarding Fabolous’ domestic violence incident, and they’re gruesome.

According to sources, the alleged crime stemmed from an incident that occurred on March 7. The rapper was in LA and flew into a rage when he found out via Instagram that his baby mama, Emily Bustamante, was in LA, too. He texted her during her flight back to Jersey that he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat and he would kill her but he “did not want to go out like that.”

She was later allegedly punched by him seven times in the face “causing severe damage to her two front teeth.” She ended up losing her two front teeth during the assualt

“Because of the incident, ‘the victim called her father to remove two handguns from the residence due to her fear that they may be used against her,’ according to the affidavit. When Jackson arrived at the Kenwood Street residence, he confronted the victim, her brother, and father, but then went to the upstairs of the residence looking for the handguns which had been removed. When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them,’ according to court documents.”


  1. What a damn loser. I hate men who fight women, it’s gross put his ass in jail for a long time.

  2. WTF!!! He lost his Muther Fuckin mind!!! She better find the strength to leave for her kids, if she can’t do it for self love!!! I’m actually shocked, Fabolous is so laid back and mild mannered in the public eye, I couldn’t imagine he would be a monster behind closed doors.

  3. I’m shocked because he seems so reserved and easy going. They’ve also been spending a lot of time together as a family so I thought things were going well for them. She needs to GET OUT and never look back. He’s evil and dangerous. God bless her and her children.

  4. Fake New York OG aka A Studio Gangster ……. Knocks A Chicks Teeth Out !!!! Why Am I Not Surprised ?!!

  5. Time to leave foreal this time. He’s possessepossessed

    Possessed with a spirit!

  6. She better leave him soon cause he’s been doing that to her forever. She will end up dead and leave her young children motherless. He’s cheated on her since they first hooked up.

  7. Damn……..I Guess Fab Has Dual Personalities……..I Didn’t See This Coming From His
    “So-Called”…… Laid Back Persona……..Oh Well…….It Is What It Is.

    #Coward Ass Fuckboy……..He Probably Wouldn’t Lay A Hand On A Male.

  8. Soon as I felt blood trickling down my mouth I would’ve tried to kill that motha fucka. SWEAR!!! ON GOD, his ass would have been lumped up and bloodied. We would’ve tore through that house.

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              I am doing fine unlike you tards who have nothing better to do than argue for beaner/spics.

              The problem is dumb nggas like you fending for everyone but your own.

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  10. I get the feeling when most men are closet homosexuals they take their anger out on people mainly women just come out and keep your damn hands to yourself he better hope her father and brother don’t come back to kill his ass.

    • Are women who hit men Lesbians? The majority of women who get hit by their men are hanging with thugs, not decent men, and most likely deserved it.

  11. Damn…..A Person Has To Be Striking Someone Hard As Hell To Knock Their Teeth Out Of Their Fucking Head. He Must Have Been Enraged & Furious To Snap Off In This Fashion. WOW!!!

  12. I can’t even imagine him doing this. He does seem very mild mannered.
    Never brought the whole gangster mess he records as music.
    I don’t even think it’s a repressed gay thing(even him and DJ clue we’re tight and DJ clue has always been suspect.)

    This beating was more
    A.You not supposed to be in L.A the same time as I am cause I was coming here to cheat!
    B. My rap career is in the dumps and has been since 2010, so I’m frustrated and am going to take it out in you.
    C. A publicity stunt not thought out fully

    Hope she finally leaves him. He has a big dick though, so she probably won’t. Probably will continue to take the bearings and cheating. As long as he maintains his lifestyle and gives her sex. She’s weak like that! So are her father and brother!

    • Curious how do you know that he haves a big penis lol and maybe it was a publicity stunt for a reality show who knows ?

    • You think this chick is willing to put up with MMA fights all the time because of his junk and the bit of money he has?

      She can get child support and hookup with someone else in the industry. There’s plenty of dudes behind the scenes or actors that will wife her, and who have a way stronger career than Wackolous. There’s also no shortage of dudes with his “personality.” In fact, there’s an entire continent full of them. lol

  13. Let Meek out and give his cell to Wackolous.

    It’s not surprising when you look at his eyes.

    How is he even still relevant? Ghostwriting and mixtapes?

  14. Say it ain’t not Fab. I expect this shit from conceited ass Trey Songz, but not you Fab.

  15. why did they take his guns and why was she filming the incident screaming sad he should just leave this chick for good.

  16. He been beating on her and yet she stayed. He treated her like shit and yet she stayed. I’m sure the kids have also been suffering throughout the years, yet she stayed. She also knew that Fab is a real street dude, and yet she stayed. What’s left to say? I mean I’m sorry that happened to her and I understand DV abuse, but it was only a matter of time before what was already a bad situation began to get worse.

    Another thing…Anytime a man’s guns mean more to him than any and everyone else…that he would whoop your ass if you moved or touched them, then that’s a problem. It usually is a street dude mentality.

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