TI Caught Cheating On Tiny, His Alleged Side Piece Speaks Out

ti cheating tiny

A fan caught TI redhanded cheating on Tiny backstage at one of his concerts!

In the video, you can see TIP slap the woman on the butt, grab her tidday, and kiss her on the back of the neck.


The woman in question is reportedly singer and songwriter Asia’h Epperson. She has addressed the rumors on her Instagram Stories.

ti cheating asia 1

ti cheating asia 1



  1. So this the sane girl he was protesting for at that Houston’s restaurant. She too busy being a mistress. TI is so pathetic, it’s a waste of time to even care to talk about anymore. Tiny, girl I feel so bad for you.

  2. That is TI (check)
    That is not Tiny (check)
    I see the PDA—RIP monogamy and legit marriage. (checkmate)
    Note to self: Don’t take a L or a charge for anyone or anything.

  3. Tiny = Abomination To Bl@ck Being Beautiful !!! ~ P.s. Typical Atlanta Half-Breed Fetishes !!!

  4. Only thing that is clear here is that he has a type and is definitely not faithful…

    Tiny charge the eye color change, the threesomes and the ass implants to tha game cuz he’s clearly not into you.

    #What HappensWhenYouOpenUpYourMarriageToStrangers…

  5. Yea it’s been clear he don’t want tiny I think he just feel bad that he used her to come up that’s probably y he just want let that lady b

  6. If I was married to Tiny I would cheat on her too. She is just as ugly as Persia White.

      • +1. I like Persia’s hippie vibe. At least she’s not trying to be anyone else but herself- unlike Tiny.

    • She is not ugly she’s a wonderful mom and person tjay makes her more beautiful than anything

  7. Nobody held a gun to this niggas head and forced him to impregnante, marry, or even cheat. He does not give a damn about his wife or family. Like he said everything ia a hustle for him he feels entitled to do whatever he pleases. aHe keeps Tiny around more than likely because her status and connections help create/push his career, and with all those kids it’s cheaper to keep her. Unfortunately this nigga has a platform and the idiots that idolize him with think keeping the dyfunctional relationshipa in the BC is perfectly healthy. Also since he tried to mimic Cube & Snoop’s family brand he can’t leave without major financial career losses. Only way he maintains his “brand” is if she leaves.

  8. All it takes is for tiny ugly face self to cheat back on him with another dude an his punk ass gone be acting like the true SIMP that he is.

  9. Indiana fan? hater central…attention if you like black men stay away from indy, they LOVE the white women and the black women there know it…sad

  10. When tiny even flirt with a man to gets mad he was crying when tiny fucked Mayweather then old Floyd whooped his ass he wanna cry even. More so what he cheats we all knew this he ain’t gonna stop

  11. Tiny is being attacked for the wrong reasons. Looks, eye color, swinging, body images….what about her LOYALTY to her HUSBAND and as a mother to his 3 kids. Yet, she is being publicly humiliated trying to be a forgiving wife that’s trying to hold her Black man down. FACT: she definitely not with him for the money, hahaha, she got her own, in fact, more.

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