Emily B Sends a Warning to Fabolous’ Haters

fabolous emily b dad

Emily B celebrated Father’s Day with her baby daddy, Fabolous, and called him an “amazing father” in an Instagram post. Her kind words come just months after the rapper allegedly assaulted her and knocked her teeth out.

Fab also spent the holiday with Emily’s father – the same man he threatened to put a bullet in during a heated confrontation.

After her Instagram followers started to go IN on her for running back to her alleged abuser, Emily gave this warning:

emily b fabolous fathers day

A dysfunctional mess.


  1. The things dumb broads do for dick, money, or a nigga that don’t give a half a fuck about them. Guess the son’s going to KO bitches like Ali when he’s older like his amazing father!

  2. She obviously feels guilty about something.

    She knew she started this shit with him.

    Then lied to her daddy and got his old ass cussed out.

    Just another crazy hoodrat. This is her way of sayin “im sorry i started this mess.”

  3. Dis exactly why folks be leaving bitches like this on the side of the road in distress…foh

  4. That’s why I never defended her, and will never defend a domestic violence victim unless they’re serious about leaving. Ain’t nobody got time for back and forth.

  5. Emily seems really sweet. However like many (allegedly) abused women she may have Stockholm syndrome which in all fairness is more of a psychological disorder than just being plain Ol stupid.. Let’s practice compassion people perhaps they are seeking help privately. Hopefully…

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