Rapper XXXTentacion Shot Dead In South Florida

xxxtentacion killed

Rapper XXXTentacion was shot and killed after visiting a motorcycle dealer. Sources say the rapper was leaving the dealer when a gunman ran up to him and shot him.

Witnesses heard multiple shots and said a Louis Vuitton bag was taken from his vehicle. The rapper was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead by the Broward Co. Sheriff’s Dept.

The suspects were described as two black males wearing hoodies, and the shooter was wearing a red mask.

The car has been confirmed as a black Dodge Journey, with dark tint and black wheels.

XXX has made news recently, not only for releasing his #1 album entitled, ?, but for domestic abuse allegations and numerous physical altercations.



    • He looked like he sniffed sum dope n was high cuz it damn sure won’t no blood in the car o well

  1. Illumin@ti Hit !!! Mk Ultra Mind Control !!! 100% Fact !!! ~ P.s. There Was NO BULLETS OR BLOOD IT THE CAR !!! (a sacrifice)

    • I heard it was the Jack In The Box top that did this because the golden arches wouldn’t take the oath, Carl Jr is trying to take the credit tho.

  2. Now the rainbow haired creep tryna apologize and admit shit..yea ok..u next!

    Rip to the other rapper that died too
    Wippp or something

  3. Did anyone see his death video? In one scene he’s wearing red pants. In the next he has no pants on. Crazy.

    • Who wants to watch a video of a person dying? That’s some twisted shit. Fuck is wrong with this social media generation?

      • It ain’t just them…back in the day when I was living in vegas my friend met some country backward ass nigs and one said “vegas, isn’t this where tupac got his death on?”…who TF says getting your death on?

        Couldn’t wrap my head around some moron saying such ignorant shit.

      • It was a video about his “disappearing” pants. They blurred HIM out. The article was about how suspicious that was. And it was taken by a witness before the paramedics arrived. And you can’t make out anything in the video–other than the disappearing pants. But, the person who posted said there’s also no blood on the scene. I posted this because I thought it was interesting, not because I like morbid shit! I just think there may be something more than this robbery thing.

        • There is almost always more to the story when it comes to these celebrity deaths, including these recent so-called suicides.

          But most people don’t really want to know the truth.

    • They probably took it off. The paramedics take your clothes off all the time when they get to the scene. They usually cut it off. I don’t know why but they do

    • And when the doors were up his mouth was open then when they were closed his mouth was closed.

  4. There is a video of him stating he could possibly die or be a scarifice,….if blood scaraficing is a myth why would he say that, He said it like he read his contract and was aware of the possibility.

    They can keep that fame and money, it’s more rich ppl killing themselves then poor people.

  5. This shit was a hoax. No blood in the car. Mismatched outfits. No broken glass, or damage to the interior or exterior of the vehicle. He was a manufactured character who fulfilled his role, and killed off his character. He may possibly resurface again in the future, under a different alias of course.

  6. Naw. I went to his viewing and saw him dead as a door knob in his casket, He ain’t coming back,

    And anyone who think the hit was about a LVbag full of money is too gullible to leave their house alone. This was not an Illuminati sacrifice, This was some dirty Broward jealousy shit.
    X was coming up big. He just finished renovating an older mansion he bought in Deerfield, and
    the whole Soundcloud gang want to be him.
    Next: Ski Mask the Slump God and Lil Pump.

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