Video of Migos Beating the Brakes Off of XXXTentacion!

xxxtentacion migos fight video

In case you were patiently waiting for the XXXTentacion vs. Migos fight footage, here it is!


  1. As artists aren’t they the least bit embarrassed having this pitiful looking display of violence posted all over the media! Meanwhile YT laughs at them and probably tries to figure out how to separate their new gold mine (Character B) from these 3 Stooges.

  2. These fools jumping this dude behind another fool that stole their Versace song?

    Migos take this big ass L ?

  3. 3 dudes with big ol security guards, jump 1 dude. That’s cute! Now go step up to a real gangsta and try that and let’s see if it ends the same. They not gone stop until someone pump some lead into them, better humble yourself while your ahead.

  4. They can’t jump the big guy that slid the one dude in the Migos but they can jump the one little guy the same size as them three-on-one?! No offense to the LBGTQ community… But that’s some gay shit right there. Oh. Are those tights?! I guess cardi b is the only testosterone in that quartet…????

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