Maia Campbell Caught in a Sex Scandal Fueled by Hollywood Abuse?

maia campbell

“The struggles of a Black woman in Hollywood are magnified by 1,000 when you toss in mental illness and drug abuse… which in itself is a signature of serious past abuse trauma.” -Industry Insider

Maia Campbell, the actress best known for her portrayal of Tiffany Warren in the LL Cool J sitcom In the House and Nicole in the short-lived Fox series South Central, is in the news again.

Maia had a serious fall from grace when she developed an addiction to crack cocaine. In 2009, a series of videos and pictures surfaced of her nude and extremely high.

She is now in recovery from her drug addiction but her past seems to continue to haunt her.

A leaked Maia sex tape shows the actress lying on her back and getting smashed and doing a little more with some random guy in Atlanta. Near the end of the clip, the guy can be seen “finishing” on her breasts.

This makes us wonder what other vile acts Maia did before and during her career. We already know creeps like Vincent Cirrincione have allegedly been making black actresses perform sexual acts in exchange for gigs!

What is LL gonna do about this?


      • Lol you think ll was a good guy he said himself he was smashing anybody came his way

        You think mais got the role because of her good looks only

  1. Niggas is so happy to be demons. I’m seriously praying for this child to be rescued and protected by Angels. It’s so sad what is being done to her especially with her well known mental illness and yet demons attack and take advantage of her situation. People are so fucking evil. Fuck everyone.

  2. I have no proof of this, but I suspect Debbie Allen raped Maia Campbell. Most of you guys already know that Debbie Allen turned out several black actresses on the tv show A Different World. Debbie Allen was one of the producers of In The House.

    • Huh??? Debbie Allen is non-heterosexual? Are there ANY heterosexual men and women in entertainment? The bull-daggers and sissies have clout.

      • I guess you also didn’t know if we should Felicia Rashad with a full-blown bass head when she was on The Cosby Show and during the off-season they had her in rehab everything was not ? n mirrors. just because boule bill was big enough to cover that shit up at the time he was fucking her also. That’s a open secret i thought everyone knew…

  3. it had to be SOMEBODY in Hollywood that put her on to smoking crack because there are lawyers, doctors, district attorneys and even JUDGES that smoke all kinds of shit and nobody would ever know. so thats up to Maia if she wanna take her ass to Iyanla Vanzant lol

  4. Black men are becoming just as vile as these white devils shit is all fucked used!!!!

  5. That is so sad, I thank God everyday to be drug free. You cant really blame her, her addiction on top of mental illness makes the decisions for her actions. This could happen to anyone. I heard they have some new drug that you cant even handle because its absorbed through the skin like drug patches and gets you hooked right away,smh.

    Heroin is making a strong comeback where I live. At first white constituents were mad because young white kids were ODing like crazy, people were straight rolling them out of cars at the ER and smashing off. So much so that you will be charged with murder and or attempted murder for selling it. Now I’m losing loved ones young and old to heroin.

    Pray for her and ALL of our people who are struggling with addiction, especially heroin addiction.

    Stay Armored!!!

  6. There was another girl on the tv show In The House who is going through major problems. Her name is Gabrielle Carmouche. Something very strange happened to her because she went from In The House to doing porn. Guys leave hollywood alone. That business is the devil’s playground.

    • That’s a very true statement. Hollyweird is where you sell your
      soul and your body for fame. It’s just most teenagers don’t know
      all of this is not right. They get told so many lies and most of their
      families are only concerned about the money they make for their
      families. Just sad what happens to very young children. I honestly
      hope someone can help her, but she will need a year or more in
      a facility that keeps her in house where she has no outside influence

  7. L.L. cant do nothing for her…she isn’t his responsibility…she is a grown ass woman and when she get sick and tired of being sick and tired, she will do something about it…if not, then we all need to just wait to pull out all black for her…not trying to b harsh, but the truth hurts sometime…she gotta want to help herself.

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