XXXTentacion Gets Jumped by Migos!

migos xxxtentacion fight

XXXTentacion says he was assaulted by Migos and held at gunpoint outside a Los Angeles hotel.

“They jumped me…Nobody gave the respect of a one-on-one…I’m just letting y’all know for now that I’m a man before anything, and I’m gonna take my f***ing a**-beating like a man, n****, and I’m gonna carry myself like a man. This s*** don’t affect me, and you n****s gonna lose money [for] f***ing with me.” – XXXTentacion

They’re apparently still beefing from earlier this year when Offset criticized XXX for saying Drake stole his flow.

“You n****s is silly. How you unheard of talking about a n**** stole your swag? We ain’t even heard of you, shorty. Get your a** out of jail.” – Offset

Peep the videos:


  1. In the first video he sounded like he was about to cry. Note to self next time get your emotions together before you post publicly especially if you want to appear hardcore.

    Man these ignorant young people are who our children are looking up to except they are dying trying to emulate them in real life. Meanwhile these toy gangsters have body guards, yes men and chauffeurs.

    #TheyAin’tReallyTryingToShootNothing #FakeBeefsByEffeminateMen #Illusions

    • ? and Toy gangsters!!! Thats exactly what they are. And if the Migos keep f—king around in LA thinking they run stuff, them real ones from Compton and South Central gone eventually show them they way. They better stop while they ahead and leave ppl alone. Im pretty sure they already prob lit a light bulb when they came at C Brezzy. Carli shoul prob hold off on popping out any babies for someone this hot headed.

      • They ain’t going to nobody’s hood. Humph, I don’t see nothing but palm trees and white folks walking with him in the background, oh and one token with locks trying to look hard also. Looks like the lil fat white boy caught fade on his eye haa haa, photo bombing so he can show that he took one fo tha team too. In all likelihood they probably had a cat fight with each other considering all those scratches lol.

        But tell me how am I suppose to take this boy/girl/it seriously if he’s talking about biting someone during the fight and he’s wearing nail polish? O_o!

        • You dont have to go to a hood in LA to get caught by gangs. Gangsters hang out in Hollywood and Beverly Hills too. How you think they found Chris Brown and Soulja Boy? Biggie wasnt in the hood when he got shot! Everybody in California from North to South knew Biggie wasnt leaving LA the same way he came that day. I was more surprised that he lasted the whole day. I can tell you the Migos have made enough disrepectful moves in LA to bring the wrong attention. They in the wrong city to be making the moves they making. They not from here, they need to calm down.

          • I don’t know nothing bout LA or these two that are into it with each other let alone Chris and Biggie. I am just laughing at the article that was presented to me and commenting on what I see. All I’m saying is this young man does not look hard and he ain’t straying to far away from his body guards and handlers with this fake quarrel, you feel me?

            I see enough stupid shit in the Mil where I’m from to worry about what happens in LA. Believe you me it is not that serious, I just come here for shits and giggles. These two numb skulls don’t pay my bills or put a roof over my head, so if they live or die in LA it ain’t my problem but I’m all for them (puppets/distracters) embarrassing themselves on social media to give me good laugh! Thankful to be able to see though their bs, the younger generation, not so much…smh

            They sold their souls for fame not me. God willing, I’m just trying to survive and stay above the chaos.

  2. What kind of rapper sips tea in your hood???


    (Sips hot lemon water with a pinch of ground chili pepper staring out the window at the chemtrail laced morning sky…)

  3. These rappers from other places need to get out of LA. They both need to take all thay fake gangbanging stuff back to the south. I want to see the Migos run up on somebody like Nipsey or maybe even YG, they think they know who to go after but nobody likes bullies and none of these gangs gone be happy about 3 atlanta n–gaz thinking they run LA.

    • I know. Please because they making our city look bad. They know exactly who to go after, another Gay rapper, they would not try that on the right one. They are Bullies, not Gangstas. A real Gangsta would not have wasted his time fighting that little boy that already look like a girl can knock him out.

  4. Aint one of them Igloos on paper so Y they allegedly playing with guns! Sounds like a setup to me or free PR since Car-ride is getting it all these days.

  5. Isnt this dude xtensions the one who said he would blood sacrifice another nigguh? I saw a video of joe budden & akademiks talking about this and how some nigguhs need to be sacrificed idk

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