Safaree Shoots His Shot at Nicki Minaj…Again

safaree nicki minaj

Safaree wants that old thang back after seeing a raunchy picture of his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj.

He’s also using her song lyrics for his photo captions.

NOVEMBER 20th and yea i changed my caption bi%** ?? FUR COAT VOL.1 #safaree #stuntgang ? @princedaphotographer

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    • Told y’all.her and Remy secretly lusting after each other all these beef songs fake as hell Nicki, Remy and Kim hang around too many folks not to have fought by now

  1. This is sad. I don’t understand why you have to do all this to sell an album when you’re talented. This is sick

  2. Doing the most??‍♀️ And for what???!!!! Fame is a helluva drug. Damn shame. She is officially the Ultimate Clown!

  3. I read an another article that in this pic she having a threesome with her clones…*.*!

    I don’t get it with some people. Why do you want everybody to see your business, know your business and hear your business. Whether its showing every inch of your body, posting up your personal problems or showing everything you bought or own. Are people that starved for attention, lonely and insecure?

    I mean damn, there is almost nothing else they can do for shock value. Put some clothes on already…

    • Really?! He rubs as effeminate but bi?! And I meant as in growing up with alot of women around.

  4. always seemed like a fag. i doubt they had a relationship past it being business.

  5. He will fukk anything including a clone of a clone of a clone of a insecure black woman that clealry had a fucked up childhood. Thats jamaicans 4 u

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