Sylvester Stallone Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Teen

sylvester stallone sexual assault

Sylvester Stallone has been accused of forcing himself on a teenager and forcing her to have sex with him and his bodyguard at a hotel in Las Vegas.

The event happened more than three decades ago, according to the police report that was just uncovered.

The girl was only 16 when Stallone, who was 40, “intimidated” her into having sex with them at the Hilton Hotel. She became “very uncomfortable” but felt like she had “no choice” but to go on with the sex acts.

De Luca, who was shot and killed by police in 2013, allegedly coaxed the teen into performing oral sex on him before penetrating her, at which point Stallone made her give him oral sex. After the incident, Stallone and De Luca, who were both married, allegedly threatened the teen that they would ‘beat her head in’ if she told anyone.

Officers tried to convince her to press charges against Stallone and his bodyguard, but she refused.


  1. My mom said he was a certified dick. He told her years ago when he was working in pittsburgh she was cute for a half breed but not marriage material. She told him he was a ass hole for being a mammoni and he’d have to be educated for him to be considered marriage material and her dad wouldn’t allow it because she’s a DelVecchiio. She said it looked liked his soul left his body. My nonno kanye shrugged. Lmfao

  2. I never liked him at all along with Arnold. They are a pack of dirty
    old men. They take advantage of young people and think nothing
    of it because they are stars. All of these men need to pay for
    all the dirty nasty they have done to someone lesser than them
    They think their fame make them untouchable, the lid have
    been lifted and they will all pay

    • I love how the predators have now become the prey… *enjoying the popcorn while laughing*

    • Colin Kaepernick was fucking a tranny and he is you Niggaz hero! Your point is what?

          • You sound jealous of Kapernick. Why you mad? For the last year he’s been giving 100K to charity and he doesn’t even have a job.
            He protested in silence at the end of the bench not disturbing anything and explained WHY he was taking a knee and it had nothing to do with politics it the military. He’s not an attention seeker. Media from all over the world is trying to interview him, he could name his price, but he’s declined, NO INTERVIEWS. His face has been put on covers, but a high profile mag asked him to pose for the cover and he declined. Colin will be fine and because of his stance on social justice and SILENCE he’s more famous now.

  3. I thought the scandal was Stallone having sex with his Sister and paying her off to keep quiet!!!

  4. Hollywood keeps putting him in movies keeping his bank account large. When he didn’t acknowledge his black co-star at the Oscars, I was through with him. I can never watch another Rocky movie.

  5. Stallone used to do porn. Anyways I like how all of the dirt these white boys did back in the day is coming to the public. What’s done in the dark will come to light.

      • Hahaha “NBA is Fixed”, is an idiot. He preached self hate about black folk; but quick to talk shit about black people in these articles. Dudes thoughts are all over the place. ?

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