T.I. Says His Kids Ain’t ‘Rockin’ With Him, His Mom Speaks Out

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T.I. went live and told a fan that his sons, Major and King, are no longer “rockin'” with him following his latest cheating scandal.


The rapper was caught on video slapping actress and singer Asia’h Epperson on the butt and kissing on her neck.

The incident has caused a divide in their family. Tiny and the kids were supposed to show up to T.I.’s daughter Deyjah’s 17th birthday dinner, but since T.I. was there too, they decided not to go. The rapper’s mom addressed the issue on her Instagram account.

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  1. if my dad cheated on my mom i wouldn’t come either if dad was there. boys will defend their mom no matter what. you would think this dog would’ve learned from the last time…she took you back and you still cheat. tiny, let him go and just raise your kids together but apart. find your strength and another man!

    • That’s real talk right there. My hubs and his brothers go hard for Moms…caught her husband leaving his paw prints all over town. They dragged him until he left the state. Now I don’t condone violence, but if she made better choices for herself, then they could’ve been more peaceful in their resolution. Parents shouldn’t involve kids in their drama. She could’ve sent them with their oldest sister and Tiny could’ve did a Spa day with Mom or something.

      • kids just can’t help but take a side and it will always be mom because she is the one person that will jump in front of train for her baby. my mom kept telling me to stay in a child’s place and not to get involved but i just couldn’t just stand there and watch my mom hurt to the core because of that dog of a husband that she truly loved. it’s just a natural reaction to protect your mother and tiny’s kids did just that. she probably said go to the party but they probably wanted to stay with her. he humiliated her again! i told my mom where you go i go and i told my cheating father the pain you caused mom is inflicted on us, the children also. he just stood there in shock! ti’s daughter doesn’t look happy in the video and probably is so embarrassed.


  2. Ti ought to be ashamed of himself. Look at the position he placed all those kids in and the hurt they gone feel for having to take sides. He selfish!!! And did he really get his daughter that piece of shyt purse??? And then filming her like she supposed to shed tears over it. I don’t like him no more…

  3. Normally I dig Tip but this insincere display is sooo WACK! Let her react and respond to her gift..Jeez! It’s like you’re trying waaaaay to hard. TI you done F*ucked Up now. Do better Tip just do better ??

    • He’s not going to do better and his mother should stay out of their business.. Tell your son to treat his wife with respect.. Unless that’s the way your husband treated you.. It’s still wrong and two wrongs don’t make a right.. Most kids will always side with their mother, they have two eyes to see how Tip treats her.. He’s just a lil show off and his daughter was not impressed with that purse at all. All y’all dumb negroes just keep making the white man richer and he can’t stand y’all dumb asses..Bye child

  4. Does it really matter? It’s not like Tiny will leave him and Tip’s mom is the type of mamma who will defend her son even if he beats the hello out his wife (oh wait that happens too “allegedly”).

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