Emily B Appears in Court with Fabolous After He Knocks Her Teeth Out

emily b fabolous court domestic violence

Emily B. is standing by her man Fabolous after he allegedly knocked her two front teeth out during a domestic violence incident.

Both Fab and Emily B. reportedly showed up for his early disposition hearing at Bergen County Superior Court. Bossip reports the couple sat in the back of the courtroom together after “Emily herself asked the courts to dismiss a separate domestic violence case involving the ‘Throw It In The Bag’ rapper, as well as a restraining order.”

The rapper will be back in court in June for a “pre-trial intervention” hearing, where he may be able to get a plea deal instead of court since he’s a first-time offender.


  1. In my neck of the woods when the female drops the charges the state picks it up and uses all the evidence she supplied to charge him. And in the future when he whoops her butt again and she tries to press charges they both go to jail.


    • They shouldn’t jail the woman.

      This man has victimized her to the point that she lives in fear and doesn’t think clearly.

      People don’t understand what domestic violence does to women. Women who walk away and live normally are the stronger ones. There’s some women who have a much more difficult time; and if there’s kids in the picture, it’s even worse.

      These men will do all kinds of things. It’s like a prisoner of war. Right now this poor woman is probably just thinking about her kids, right or wrong.

      And, frankly, this abusive behavior is far too common in “Spanish” culture. The way these Spanish men treat women; most black women would be shocked. That’s why some Puerto Rican women only date non Spanish black men or white.

      • She’s only staying for the lifestyle …this man is worth millions & since she isn’t married she can’t take half.

        • Ummm…I’m sorry, he’s worth millions by whom and for what???

          I dont see why anyone could be possibly checking for him except Emily.

          • Ur damn right nobody checking 4 his washed up ass hell they just trying 2 get on marriage boot camp like jim & chrissy

            • Sho you right baby, if you think about it these fools will do anything fo a reality show check…would throw they own momma under the bus let alone they 2 front teeth.


            • You buggin he’s got a lot more money then jim jones plus he fucked Chrissy too lol

              • Umm so she is friends with Chrissy and he fucked her too??? Wooooooow…she should have picked her self esteem up off the floor along with her teeth and moved on. Now I could really care less about him or her.

                I come here to reply to the articles about dumb shit that so called rich celebs do…but you want me to be envious of them and their money???

                Welp, they sho ain’t happy with ALL that money huh???

                Nah, um good…

                (looks up to the heavens where my tresures are waiting for the sky to unzip)


          • Dam you don’t know who he is saying for what he’s very rich bye whom rap other money ventures cut it out you not leaving either if ya bum ass man had his money and whooped yo ass

            • I wouldnt care if this fool had trillions, I wouldn’t stay with him.

              Money isnt everything to everybody. Only someone truly materialistic would stay in a relationship with a weak ass women beater just because he has money. Therein lies the rub…

              • If you were in that situation you know it is just not about $.

                I don’t know her background nor do I care, but the majority of women in those situations believe those men love them & those who have been abused before believe it is love.

              • @anon 13:43 I wouldnt have even said anything if I hadnt been in the same predicament. I thought I could change him, fix or help him, stayed in that shit for 8 years. Should have let my family beat his ass, bounced and chalked that shit up to the game…let her ass stay with him when she looks in the mirror 10 years from now and he doing the same thing with someone les, she will get it.


              • So to have been in that predicament and be so cold, how fucked up are you really?

                Yeah she has to learn her own lesson obviously the hard way, but it is not up to you or anyone else on here to keep downing her and saying foul shit, especially when you have been through it…like your shit don’t stink.

              • @ 16:58 um you do realize that this is the point of the article dont you? That she still supports him even though he knocked her damn teeth out. And my shit does stank obvi or I wouldnt have admitted that I stayed.

                She is on a plantform to encourage millions of young women encluding her own daughter, and she is using it to say its okay to be abused and asking the court system to dismiss the charges…

                She better hope they even come the next time and there will be a next time.

                I stand by my replies even if you dont like them. If they dont help her maybe they can help somebody to have the courage to leave their abuser. I almost died leaving mine but the key word is I left and I survived by the grace of God, yeah, I said it, GOD!

                So miss me with that poor Emily mess, she is in a position to create change and she’s choosing not to.


              • Bitches like you are sad and pathetic end of story…didn’t bother reading the tirade because wrong is wrong and YOU ARE WRONG…for being a Dick.

              • @anon 10:45 I’ll take that “bitch” and raise you an “L” for losing you cool and getting angry instead of holding a conversation like an adult. You should be so proud of yourself, you da winna but not really…

              • You keep holding that L for yourself…

                There is no anger just truth people like you can’t handle someone throwing the truth back at them…you are a Dick for trying to down this woman, who you are no better than as you have been through the same shit.

                You Finally woke up, she needs time to do the same…so Fuck Off an let her live, die as whatever is meant will happen in its time.

              • Whateves coward you gave up your anonymity by using your very telling dictions. Get at the person who posted the story and get off of the site if you dont like the relpies. Thats what the we are doing here replying. So you keep that “L” and ask Vanna to buy a vowel so that you can get a clue to find you a life Smokey…

                (Walks away hummming bars)

                “Twenty twin twins, yeah, yeah
                Ayy, bitch (bitch), where your friends? Yeah, yeah
                (Hol’ up) switch (hol’ up), she won’t end, yeah, yeah
                Ball ’em in, fallin’ in bundles of flowers like pollen, man”

              • LMAO…Now who is the Angry Bitch?

                Still Not reading your BS…and you are STILL a Dick…For being a Foul Hating Ass Bitch, LOL!!!

              • Um I am not angry, that is a song by Rich the kid and Smokey is a character from the movie Friday. If you cant keep up with the conversation and use your words not your emotions then be quiet.

                Why should I be angry at you??? You are a random person replying to a gossip site that has called me names because I called out a battered woman for using her abuse to promote a reality show…

                You will never have the power to make me angry cuz its not that serious.

                You cant beat up the internet because it doesnt agree with you dont you realize that??? Or am I being obtuse?

                But do carry on with your little temper tantrum. You are acting just like Fab by having a fit and lashing out because you cant have your way, typical childish behavior…

              • LMAO…to continue typing paragraphs…Yes YOU are ANGRY.

                Move on Dick, You are Wrong for trying to down someone who is not in their right frame of mind and having been the same type of Dumb Bitch over an abuser, you should have some sympathy instead of raging at the woman…when the True Bitch is the man for not being able to control himself.

                I swear Stupid begets Stupid.

              • And yet you keep relpying with paragraphs…looks like stupid follows alleged stupid. So much so that you have completely contradicted you own point, so now Emily is a dumb bitch too???

                She was in enough of the right frame of mind to go to court tho huh?

                But I digress and you are enjoying this dialog way too much. I guess negituve attention is better tjan no attention at all. And I see that mommy didnt give you enough so here let me give you a (((((hug))))) there, is that better???

                Now go sit cho bad ass down somewhere fo I get a switch cuz I have had quite enough of your little potty mouth for today.

                Calling somebody a bitch like you have the authority to say what you want to and nobody else can have an opinoin or a free thought. Who died and made you the moderator of this site?

                Guess you figued you raised hell up in here today…NOT Get over yourself already…like I said the only power you have is what I give you and there is nothing that you can say to hurt me or make me angry. Please belive it. So go and brag to your teddy about how you called somebody a bad word on the internet and got away with it, I’m sure he will be amused since he is your only friend.


              • LMAO…it is fun to reply to stupid.

                Can’t fix it, but fun to rile it up and watch it self-destruct.

                You are Still a Dick and I Still have not read more than a couple of words…so you can keep writing to yourself, thinking you are saying something…when you just look as crazy as you are, LOL!!!

              • Oh hush, you love this attention, you havent had anyone to give you this much in months maybe year so suck it up With your attitude, you wont be getting anymore anytime soon.

                So sad, so lonely, so tradgic…

      • Yes they should because by giving him a pass is like telling him its okay to beat women. And she is not afraid she is stuck. Her and her side kick Chrissy would stump a hole in a women for looking at they hoe ass men. She could have bent his po ass in half if she wanted to. And her father and brother should have put hands on him, thats the problem women dont want nobody to give them the true beating that they deserve.

        Yes there are women that are afraid to leave and I was one of them. Meanwhile women like her tie up the phone lines when they really dont want them to go to jail while the ones who desperately need a sqad or ambulance bleed out and die…

        I have no sympathy for her…sorry, not sorry

      • Puerto Rican men are FREAKS in bed! But I will date outside my race if he treats me decent.

  2. Wonder what her daddy thinks. I’d have more loyalty towards my people trying to protect me and help me than to a man that is physically hurting me!

  3. The media makes it seems like men are just out here whopping ass left and right…most of these domestic cases involve mouthy women who think they cant get hit…until the men snapps

    • They are and you a dumbass for saying it doesn’t happen often..GTFOOH
      Check the statistics then post the whole truth

    • LMAO, you are no man…and they can’t get hit according to the law.

      A Bitch like you would not chance it, outside of the fact you would prob get your ass served to you, you Weak, Punk Ass Bitch.

      • According to the white mans law its illegal. You ‘strong’ women love hiding under white laws when its convienant. Smdh

        Just remember these are the same laws that once said that massa and his homeboys can breed you whenever smdh

        • Oh, Let us not forget You were bred too…LOL!!!

          And your mental issues from it are still prevalent.

  4. Being mouthy is no reason for her man to beat her. That’s when he needs to be a MAN and walk away/leave the premises from the entire situation until everyone cools down. Might take days but she doesn’t get beat!

  5. You notice how a BM will beat the ish out of a BW woman but won’t touch THE YT MAN!

    • True. I had a so called black ‘man’ try and run me over on his ‘push bike’ yesterday – for no reason. I guess he was just in his ‘feelings’ about something …

  6. He fixed his chipped tooth….and now he don’t know how to act….how he gonna knock her teeth out and forget when he was dentally challenged…smfh!…that’s huge!

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