Caitlyn Jenner Set to Marry 21-Year-Old Girlfriend

caitlyn jenner married

68-year-old Caitlyn Jenner is set to marry her 21-year-old girlfriend, Sophia Hutchins.

“They consider each other soulmates and freely admit they couldn’t imagine a life with anyone else at this point.”

The wedding will allegedly go down near Caitlyn’s Malibu, Calif. mansion with just a few friends and family members in attendance. The Kardashians are reportedly not on the guest list.

“This is a dream come true for Cait because her rejection by the Kardashians — and even her own daughters — had left her feeling isolated and suffering from a crippling depression. Sophia has changed all that.”



      • I think Sophia is actually transgender to. Shiiiid, I don’t know maybe it’s a real woman. I’m confused to.

        • Uh No…neither was born a woman, which means they are dudes.

          Dicks attached or not, although I do believe they are no matter what bruce says.

      • No he’s gay …..they were both born with dicks….and now they’re chicks with dicks….in other words men in drag….woman are not make up and high heels,try having periods,carrying and birthing babies,being beaten,raped,having breast,uteran,or ovarian cancer……yeah not exactly fashion and fabulousity….smfh!….#imposters

        • They both still have penises……not all transgender cut their dicks off….because they are mostly gay men….the ones that do want to bait and catch “hetero” men …..who will still fuck em but they have to as close to a woman as possible…..we are all doomed and going to hell with gasoline drawers…America is the New Babylon that was prophecied in the Bible…… everything goes here….no morals or standards… are women, strippers are rappers,and sexual predators are US presidents…..2018 is just the beginning of the fuckery to come… heard it here first….now that’s huge!

      • he aint dupe me he wanted to be a bitch who phukk other tranny bitches he could have stayed a man to do that but bruce has tranny fantasies of taking big dicks in his ass

  1. This is the stupidest thing i have ever seen in my life.

    Those Caucasians are the real deal pansexuals.

  2. Two transgenders marrying? So how do they fukk each other since they both cut off they dick? I mean…do they sciscor fuk or do they use a dildo? But if they using a dildo what was the point of cutting off ur dick in the 1st place?…i guess some things ill never understand.

    • His wife didn’t go through the surgery to have her penis removed.. It was reported on another site..

        • The only reason his features are softer is because he has been on estrogen longer…some of these things start before puberty & the parents allow…which will make it even harder to tell what these things are.

          • Oh and don’t forget they are starting these womb transplants, so no telling how far this stuff is going to go.

  3. I think they did something to this man. I don’t believe this is truley him anymore.

  4. Thoughy Bruce cut his dick off anyway who want his old ass anyway that young tranny want his money

    And yeah expect this now that gay marriage is legal

    • Exactly what I thought immediately after reading this…Cait… Going to give all her money away to this girl… And she’s going to be broke after she pays that civil suit against her from car crash years ago.

  5. Well technically (s)he still has working parts. Kaitlyn is still Bruce from the waist down.

  6. Once again the K members are not recognized or affirmed by their ‘race’ so they turn to others, especially the media, for publicity.

  7. So they both got surgery to be women just to become lesbians? Jesus take the whole car ??‍♀️

  8. nothing in that picture screams I have a soulmate. just looks like 2 pissed off people. man bruce, wtf happen. u were a Olympic hero

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