Pepa’s Alleged Love for Va-Jay-Jay Gets Exposed by Her Boyfriend’s Wife

pepa wife boyfriend

Pepa’s boyfriend’s wife is still out for blood. This time, she has posted a video of the Salt-N-Pepa rapper kissing all up on her, and a caption that reads:

“When “Auntie” Sandra helped me celebrate my birthday last August! @darealpepa #DontPokeALion #LeoSeasonAllYear #auntiewantedtolickmypeach #nothanks”

So not only did Pepa befriend the woman and take her man, but was she trying to lick the box too?!!


  1. On another site they just posted his gay porn. That’s what Pepa gets. Tried to take someone’s man and played herself.

    • LMAO @ “three way gone wrong”.
      I don’t understand why women bring other women into their bedroom with their husbands, then become unhinged when that sht go left and they start sneaking behind her/his back and doing the one on one. FK THAT!!! if I’m not enough for you, then we need to go our separate ways. I’m not sexually attracted to females.

      • Sadly it does not even have to be a three way situation…you just bring the wrong friend or fam member around your partner and shit can go down too.

  2. Ol girl needs to just act her age and keep it moving. Nothing wrong with cougar love but the way some of these younger people get down is just too much. If you were in your 20’s in the 1990s, you had to see this coming from a mile away.

    O/T – saw Traffik yesterday and it was good until the last half hour. That movie came out before Halle’s last flick but Kings did a 180 quicker than they killed off the brothers in Traffik. Wait for Netflix.

  3. Aids, Hpv, Herpes And Cocaine …. ALL OVER THIS STORY !!! 100% Fact !!! (see: lifestyle)

  4. Bisexuality is currency in Hollywood. This is no surprise to me. I would rather stay poor than give up my dignity to be a ‘somebody’.

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