Pepa Gets Exposed by Her 29-Year-Old Boyfriend’s Wife!

salt pepa boyfriend mistress

Pepa of Salt-N-Pepa has been flaunting her 29-year-old boy toy all around town, from Maui to the Kentucky Derby, and his PREGNANT wife has had enough!

Pepa gave her actor-turned-rapper boytoy, Aundre Dean, a birthday dedication, and his wife reposted it and proceeded to drag “senior citizen” Pepa and her estranged husband.

pepa boyfriend mistress

Did 50-something year old Pepa deserve to get her wig snatched?


  1. Poor chick can’t leave her face alone, now this. I’m sure there are plenty of cubs out there that don’t have papers and won’t have running to the plastic surgeon every year.

  2. Dude had to be trifling before she met him. She ignored all the signs and now this happen. The funny part is I guess Pepa think he actually like her. When he done using her and run back to his wife, she gone be looking dumb like Fantasia.

    • Peppa dont care. His job is to slang that dick that’s it. Nobody cares if he is in love. How old are you? 12?? Shes living her life if she wanted.him to like her for her she would dare someone her age or older. His job is to be good dick.

          • Uummmk… that is the dumbest saying the most basic grandmother came up with. God knows satan, so do that mean he is just like him?? ???. Now boom There goes that basic saying… ? don’t believe the hype and keep your legs closed to married men.

            • But it is accurate in YOUR case.

              You Don’t even know the CORRECT Spelling of Ho, so anything else you say is moot…go look that word up, Stupid Bitch.

              • And since you brought it up You would know all about being DUMB too.

                Soooo again it takes one to know one, Moron…LOL!

                The rest of what you said is just Stupid and irrelevant. What You should do is keep your Brain closed..wait it already is…LOL!!!!

              • Well the saying ain’t true. I know that for a fact because I’m not a hoe and ain’t never been called one by anyone that knows me. Sooooo like I said the saying is false. Girl get a life outside of the gossip site. You care way too much about everything. What happen in your life that is so bad you spend all day on here?

            • It Absolutely is or it would not be an old saying Dummy.

              And you are a Ho a Dumb one. Nothing you say will change that.

              • Cont’d…

                You need to take your own advice, no one except a loser like you, comes here for “news” in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, this is why I know you have NO Man or Friends.

                Coming to a gossip site for news…def one of the stupidest comment you have ever written.

  3. The wife is pretty, she should move on and get a new husband. He’s shady, she should never take him back, not even for the kids.

    • Lord, so the wife should just move on and get her another husband, smh. How old are u?

  4. See and this the kind of stuff that happen when you get a simp nigga. Niggaz that already had more females than they can handle usually marry who they picked out to be the best. But niggaz like this that never had nothing, jump and take off as soon as they get on, just a little bit. This fool left a whole family, for this hag… he’s such a loser. He had to be lame when she met him, so part of the blame is on her.

    • Most men have no honor now days and we leave their family in a second. As a married 29 yr old man in his prime how do you leave your wife for reconstructed geezer smdh

  5. Shiny happy people.

    I like everybody and everything..

    Everybody’s perfect.

    Hi lovelylady what u doin?

  6. @LovelyLady

    [Hands on hips]

    Now you know you shouldn’t be sayin “nigga” or “simp” baby.
    That is too explicit and you know it. I will be writing you up for that one. I’ma pray for you baby. This is my thread and free speech is not allowed m’kay baby?

  7. “Senior citzen” lmao dont you have to be at least 65 to qualify for that title…

  8. another Fantasia saga.. Will the wife sue? When will he leave? She isn’t wealthy so is the publicity worth it?

    • That’s who I thought about, FANTASIA and we know how that turned out. Only exception, I don’t think Pep will be having a kid by dude……….or at least I hope not.

  9. If this gets serious, it would bother me that I would be forced to have my child in her presence since he has to see his father. This is why you put in contracts, does not get to be with my child until a year into the relationship or marriage. Same would apply for the other parent.

  10. It’s a capitalistic society yall. Being faithful to a broke hoe dont pay the bills. She should be wanting a cut of the money. Snap out of jt.its the real world. These dudes thotting for bread too. Be happy hes not being gay for pay sweetie.

    • Yeh that stage is crazy man…tricking off money just for dick. Had my experience with cougars and it seems like they get off on having control and power over younger men. Smdh

        • @Asante you didn’t have a father either. Didn’t your mom leave you alone with the sexual predator she shacked up with?

        • Didn’t your mom leave you alone with the sexual predator she shacked up with? Lmao

          You just confirmed that single mothers bring around pedophile boyfriends around their kids smdh


          • No…

            What YOU confirmed is YOUR afriKKant Mother is a Ratchet who you blame for your Rape…Thank You!!!


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