T.I.’s Atlanta Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy

ti restaurant bankruptcy

T.I.’s failed restaurant, Scales 925, closed its doors nearly two years ago, and now the restaurant is filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Sources claim the bankruptcy was filed by the rapper’s business partner on behalf of T.I.’s company. The court docs list Scales 925’s assets as just $5,000 and liabilities as $0. The reason for the bankruptcy is due to pending lawsuits filed by former employees who allege they weren’t paid properly.


  1. Another one bites the dust. Oh well, I am sure that Satan looks after his own and in no time at all he’ll be back up and running.

  2. Most black business fail because blacks dont respect professionalism..

    I remember my uncle opened up a convienant store…these hood dudes would come and act like since they were black they were homies…never paid for anything or always delayed payment..he had to close it down while the arab pizza store was thriving smdh

    • The place probably didn’t look professional either because those same hood dudes like to post up whereever they feel they can muscle in. Inside the store, outside the store. How wpukd u feel pulling up to a place like that? Young thugs everywhere watchin your every move. The store owners usually kowtow to them to keep the peace until they start losing customers then they wanna try to put they foot down.

      • @Asante, I posted before that black people are cowards, act all tough towards weaker people who are mostly other blacks, but are yellow bellied cowards in the face of their real opposition, mostly whites, Latinos, Asians & Arabs. Like in the series Start Up, the tough Miami gang leader was menacing to the people in his low income neighborhood, but wouldn’t do shit when the Russian mafia strong armed the deal he was involved in. So don’t be shocked if you hear that these idiots ain’t getting a dime from the East Indian shop owner who’s making millions, yet they have terrified black store owners who are barely making enough, pay them more than half of their income

    • There was a black owned restaraunt here and the food was goodt, but them negroz opened up whenever they felt like it, forget the open,close time on the door. If you called in an order at 1:30, arrived at 3:00 [giving them some time], to pick it up, it still wouldn’t be ready. They were open for a good 5 years and closed shop for good.
      I also find that many times black restaurants run out of shit. You ask for gumbo, O we’re out of that’. You ask for collard greens, ‘O, let me check in the back to see if we have some’. I’m like damn!!!!!

  3. @Blackman

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  4. Before he starts making political commentary again – he just needs to fix his life first so this crap doesn’t come out and lower his value/worth.

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