50 Cent is Fed TF Up

50 cent leaves instagram

50 Cent is taking out his frustrations on social media after Instagram deleted a series of his posts. The rapper says he’s officially done with the platform and is going back to posting on Twitter full-time. He captioned his goodbye posts with the hashtag #censorthesenuts


Are you sad to see him go?


    • Don’t kill yourself.. lol you know you ain’t got nothing to do for the rest of the day if they don’t post on here?????Loser!!!! ?

      • LMAO, that is NOT even me…you are soooo Fucking Stupid…LOL!!!!!

        Back at ya with the LOSER, keep that L planted on your forehead…LOL!!!!!

  1. this is one UGLY and immature man! not even the “money” would make me take a second look.

    • Dang u took the words right out of my mouth
      I can’t stand a p ussy man and that’s what his nasty, disgusting ass is
      He’s a big B I T C H
      and it’s not funny or cute
      He needs to wonder, How in the hell do u lose 400 million dollars
      He deserves everything that comes his way
      He dogs black women and his kids
      He had his tongue up Chelsea Stank white ass, and she talked about his black ass like a dog..

  2. He should be fed up cause we fed up especially with him and his notorious comments!

    • Can you imagine him and his boo Lloyd sipping daiquiris and wearing women’s sun hats?

      Young Buck wouldn’t play, so he got dropped.

      • young buck was outed by star in the morning for having a boyfriend so maybe you should research before typing shit

  3. Lol um still stuck on the one that says he likes strawberry champagne on ice…might as well drink a Shirley Temple?


  4. My apologies for not jumping on this earlier–I was dealing with family, and that’s another story for another day. After further observation of BigHead Fred, I believe:
    1. He needs his doctor to get his meds right–this is Mental Health Awareness month–give your mother the best gift of all–you, on medication.
    2. No matter what phase/idea you’re on of the blueprint, ditch it. Just stop. From personal experience, I’ve been the sidepiece, the #2 or legion (one of many), but never married–there’s a reason for it. Hoes come in all sizes, shapes, and genders. You’s a hoe–be hateful, hostile, or helpful–your choice.
    3. In the words of 8Ball/MJG, stop playing games, hoe. Hiveminded psychosis, media, lack of respect/manners, religious/political dogma, and having some extra $ and time to air out your feelings on social sites instead of private counsel is one of the many reasons this experimental enterprise needs to be burned up to a crisp by God.

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