Floyd Mayweather Confirms He’s Smashin’ Nikki Mudarris

floyd mayweather dating nikki mudarris

After claiming he and Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Nikki Mudarris were “just associates,” Floyd Mayweather has put their relationship on blast after dropping a comment on one of Nikki’s recent Instagram photos.

His caption reads: “I can have that when I want just tell me I’m lying”




  1. That’s nothing to be so proud of, she’s a build a bitch by plastic surgery….

  2. She looks like a tranny who overdosed on plastic surgery. He said that shit like he really had something ? I can’t with these niggas ??

  3. Thats such a rude thing to say. Even if it is true. Floyd such a jerk..Nikki gotta get her respect game in check.

  4. Dude is nothing more then a trick in other words there is hookers and there is John’s this negro is nothing more then a trick. Slim gave boxing a bad name. Take away his money what do you have but a scared little man.I wish I never stop boxing because I would ve beat his ass into a coma! Ms run an hold if I were to have fought him I would ‘ve blocked his soft ass rain drop punches cut the ring off as soon as he would ‘ve reached to hold he would have caught a shoe shine combination starting @ his body & ending @ his head :hooks & uppercut’s or I would’ve started the fight with rushings him with triple left jabs triple left haymakers turning into quad droople hooks to cut the ring off boxed him in his corner the fight it would’ve end early for slim ?

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