Keshia Knight-Pulliam Records a Corny Diss Track for Ed Hartwell

keshia knight pulliam ed hartwell diss track

Who told Keshia Knight-Pulliam that recording this corny diss track for her ex-husband and baby daddy, Ed Hartwell, was the move?



  1. She was held at such a high standard. She should have never dated him. She was way too pretty and too established for that man, now she ruined her name.

  2. I agree, she always maintained herself as such a classy lady. He demeaned her tremendously.

  3. Her elevator stopped when she finish doing her scenes from the last dragon movie because she acting like a 5 yr old little girl .

  4. Shes annoying af. Ed ain’t shit, but she ain’t either. Always slick running to the media when he doesn’t do what she wants when she wants. They deserve each other.

  5. she wouldn’t like a regular joe but loves ed hartwell? you deserve him…tv personalities and athletes are no different than folks in the hood in their actions…

  6. We need bill to give her a lecturing right now and have a serious sit down and talk to her about her ways and the men she’s dating

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