Stephen Belafonte Must Stay Away from Eddie Murphy’s Daughter, Gets Monitored Visitation with His!

#celebritydivorce – Stephen Belafonte will get to see the daughter he had with Mel B, but under very strict terms laid out by a judge.

Belafonte and his attorneys were in court Monday trying to get unmonitored visitation with 5-year-old Madison. Mel B’s restraining order requires him to stay away from her and all of her children.

The judge ruled he can see Madison, but it will be with a court monitor present — and will take place in a pre-determined counseling center in Los Angeles. Belafonte must attend alone for the 4 hour visits, twice a week.

Belafonte lost his effort to regain contact with Angel — Mel’s daughter with Eddie Murphy, who was born right before Mel and Stephen got married.

These children are the real victims in this saga… ?


  1. I’m not going to bat for Stephen but just saying he raised Angel as his own and it’s sad that Angel recognizes this man as her daddy and not Murphy who bailed even before her birth. What tangle web we weave. SHe’s still young enough so Eddie should man up and step up to claim his child, NOW. Mend fences, this is not about child support, that’s not enough in this situation.

    • Never gonna happen as long as the Resident neanderthal has Murphy’s balls in a grip. White females their own special ways of contributing to Black family’s dysfunction.

    • This is what I’d thought, that Stephen is the only father/father figure Angel has ever known. Now Mel B out of spite, etc. is trying to ruin that. I don’t like Mel B anyway, & it’s been proven she’s a liar. I hope I’m wrong, but I believe she treats Angel differently than her other girls. I feel she may take out her feelings about her father on her. Eddie’s an asshole, & she should not have had sex w/him.

  2. Luv these comments. Mel B is gutter and she will destroy her daughters’ self-esteems because she is so ill-educated, insecure, and thought she was gonna take Hollyweird by storm. Guess what, it did not happen. She had Eddie Murphy’s kid and she gets the money and that’s all. She cannot take the daughter back to England without his consent, so she is stuck in Hollyweird, persona non grata. Mel B, you got your comeuppance because you finally ran into people who could run game better than you.

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