IRS Demands R.Kelly Pay $223K in Back Taxes or Else!

r kelly back taxes

R. Kelly better get busy booking shows, because the IRS is DEMANDING he pay $223K in back taxes ASAP!

According to sources, the singer was hit with the lien for refusing to pay is 2015 tax bill. The total amount due is $223,490.37.

If he doesn’t pay up, the IRS has the right to seize his properties.

Kelly was also hit with state and federal tax liens in the past totaling over $2 million dollars.


  1. The IRS isn’t seizing Trump’s properties! It seems that the IRS only goes after black people. Once again white supremacy preventing black people from attaining wealth!

    • Dude the IRS isn’t only going after black people, their going after white people as well… As for my opinion on this story, since it’s R Kelly, they can drag him through the mud for all I care.

        • Because he plays by the rules dummy. I didn’t say he PAYS a fair share of taxes, but he plays by the rules of the IRS. Most of the black celebrities who have made the papers and blogs for owing back taxes did not declare all of their income. The trick is to counter your income with sufficient loss and write offs.

  2. Kelly too busy buying pussy he made enough songs and he should get proper royalties with all the songs he wrote and done for others over the years

  3. R. Kelly is a child molester, F*ck him and I hope the IRS stalks him for years….

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