Somebody Go Check on K. Michelle!!!

k michelle breakdown

K. Michelle has been noticeably absent from her Instagram account since April 2, but she popped back up and filmed herself having a meltdown in a hospital.

Fans are now flooding her Instagram comments section with words of encouragement, but no one really knows what’s going on with the singer and reality star.

She recently had her booty reduced. Maybe she’s experiencing complications?


  1. She has so much self hate it’s sickening. She looks like a completely different person. Horse faced now and almost looks like a tranny. She looked way better before. Plastic surgery is not meant for people that either look alright or people that are attractive. It’s makes ugly people look better (Kylie) and makes attractive people look ugly (lil Kim)

  2. It looks like she just got a new nose job if her name was not at the top of the page I swear I wouldn’t had known who this person even was she had a lot of work done to herself .

    • She isn’t have anything, the surrogate had the baby last week. Her man cheating and caught on tape was planned. It took the heat away from her.. That whole family is lairs and they ruin every man in that family..

  3. I know people will get tired of always hearing the same thing over and over again but so what here it goes be your self it’s nothing wrong with being yourself the most beautiful thing in this world is to be unique be you you don’t have to have surgerys to look like every body else and I am telling you the truth they all look alike it’s not worth it not killing your self are doing permanent damage to yourself it’s not worth it love who you are and how you look .

    • That’s right. It damn sure ain’t worth it. If I had the money and hated how I looked I would go to South Korea and get surgery. They make people look way better than the surgeons in America. Every female here walking around with the same face and disformed looking body parts But back on topic do these people not realize that when they have a kid the kid is possibly going to look like the old them ??‍♀️

      • Yep the kids will grow up to look just like them especially their daughters lil Kim and kyile can’t Escape that .

  4. Somebody, anybody help all these young women ruining their bodies for nothing..
    I suggest working with what you have.. Between the butt and lip injections women are looking horrible.. White women buying asses and lips, the same thing the complained about Black women having, now the want it and it looks horrible on most.. KMichelle is on another planet with all the surgeries and she still looks hard and put out in the pasture.

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