K Michelle Writes a Letter to Her Fake Butt

k michelle letter fake butt betsy

K. Michelle has been talking about getting rid of her fake butt (who she calls Betsy) for a while. But it looks like the singer and reality star is finally ready to pull the trigger and say goodbye to her fake cheeks once and for all.

Here’s the open letter she posted on Instagram.



  1. She sounds stupid.. And basicly admitting how insecure and shallow she is… Smh… Any ways next!!!

  2. News flash, no one looks good with an ass that looks like a diaper filled with shit. Everyone want to talk about lace front weaves, well what about these fake asses? Why do men applaud these foreign substances going into a woman’s body and lust after a fake ass? Shit is perplexing as hell!

    • No man lusts after this fake crap. Black women are crazy. Are you not the ones who say you already come with a big ass? So why are you buying fake ones?

  3. She has waaay too much time on her hands, to be carrying on with this fuckery!

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