40 Glocc Blasts The Game for Allegedly Getting Teen Pregnant

the game 40glocc teenager pregnant

40 Glocc just put Game on blast by bringing up the rumor that the rapper got a teenage girl pregnant.

the game 40glocc teenager pregnant 2

the game 40glocc teenager pregnant 3

the game 40glocc teenager pregnant 4

But HSK readers already knew about Game and this girl months ago.

Game and 40 have been beefing for a minute so it’s no surprise he’s bringing up old tea.

40 is also currently suing Game for $200K for injuries he suffered during this fight:


  1. Old tea?

    What the fuck does that mean?

    No one is reporting on it outside of gossip rags…so most people don’t know this shit is going down…regardless of how long it has been out there does not make it RIGHT!

    Just like MFs knew about cospig for decades or wineswine…it takes the right person and circumstances to really bring dirt to the light.

    Gay-me & that fat fuck anderhog will hopefully will get their just due sooner than decades later.

  2. Glock is a funny dude! If true, Game is a sick piece of?. Wonder if that happened to his baby girl WTF he would do?

    • These men only care if it affects their daughter. It takes a village to raise a child only pertains to males. Females are up for grabs. Hide your daughters from these pedophiles, especially in the black community.

  3. Pedophile? So what do you call those suck fucks who like pre puberty boys/girls and babies?

    Game is perverted but I won’t call him a pedo. Michael Jackson was a pedo

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