The Game Moved 15-Year-Old From London to Miami for Sex?!

the game

The story about The Game allegedly sliding in the DMs of a 15-year-old girl is actually much worse than we thought.

The teen spilled the tea about how The Game moved her from London to Miami to “help her modeling career.” The girl also said she lost her virginity to the rapper and had a pregnancy scare. When she found out she wasn’t pregnant, he stopped talking to her but still gave her money to cover her expenses and bought her Chanel bags.


  1. Wow. What a perv. And to think that I actually liked the one song he did – can’t remember the name though. Glad I didn’t buy it though.

  2. This is disgusting. Where are her parents? They are supposed to protect her from pedophiles like him!!!!!!!

  3. Is this some sort of club these dudes belong to and now they are being outed for some reason!?

  4. What happened to his reality show where he was looking for love? Apparently he doesn’t care about being the R. Kelly of 2017!

  5. Black Women Molest 15 year old DRUG DEALERS EVERYDAY !!! ( see: for drugs !!! ) 100% Fact !!!

    • You’re fucking stupid. You better check them greasy haired toothless trailer park meth hoes cause they must be sucking plenty 15 year old drug dealers dicks everyday too.

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