Second Teenage Girl Exposes Game for Slidin’ In Her DMs!

the game exposed dm 15 year old girl

The Game has just been exposed AGAIN for trying to prey on a teenager. This time, it was a 15-year-old girl who exposed the rapper for slidin’ in her DMs even though he was fully aware of her age:

the game 15 year old girl

the game dm 15 year old girl

the game exposed 15 year old girl


    • Might be??? I’m pretty sure he does anything with a hole. It’s a damn shame this old ass man creeping on little girls and getting away with it.

  1. He went from marrying a old ass teacher to tryin to have sex with one of his ex wife’s students! Gtfoh!

    U can’t make this shit up. John Grisham ain’t got shit on the hood.

    • He never married the teacher, but I suspect the reason he didn’t was because he felt she was too old and he had a penchant for little girls.

  2. 15 will get you 20. The Game wouldn’t last five minutes in prison. They would literally tear him a new asshole!

  3. They are prey in young girls and think it’s something to be proud of.. They lucky someone mother or father haven given them an old fashioned ass whipping.. Would they like some old man hitting in their daughters, hell no.. They all suck and full of STD’s.,SMH

  4. isn’t he the one that caught his dad raping his sister? like father like son I guess…

  5. All of these entertainers, especially these black ones are disturbed to the fucking curb, and have some level of sick sexual dysfunction. That whole shit with him kissing his daughter on the lips wasn’t just no “innocent” moment of affection between he and his daughter, it was a forewarning for what was to come. If true, this is really sick because it seriously begs the question of how he views his own daughter. What’s going to happen when she starts developing, and coming into age?

    I was just thinking about rapper Kurupt and the tales of his molestation, and trying to pick up young girls while at Death Row. All of that misogyny and degrading of women goes wayyy deep.

  6. I think he may suffer from a Napoleon Complex in his pants. Most tween pervs don’t fit the criteria for satisfying women in their age group. Not that they have been stretched out, but perhaps he didn’t quite finish growing

  7. Fact: The Game and R Kelly did a song together. The song is called Playas only.

  8. In that case game did songs with Wayne, camron, snoop, Chris brown, Tyler the creator, and plenty of other accused homos and freaks

    Kelly did a song or wrote for everybody

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