The Game Gets Caught DM’ing a 16-Year-Old Girl

the game 16 year old

The Game was caught red-handed sending an inappropriate message to a 16-year-old girl on Instagram.

The teen posted a picture that the Game seemed to like. So he sent a black heart emoji to her DM.

The young girl posted the message on her Snapchat and appeared to be flattered that the rapper had reached out to her, but we think he definitely crossed the line!

the game

To make matters even worse, the girl actually has her age in her IG bio so Game has no excuse for this one!

In case you forgot, this is the same guy that stole another man’s child and started calling her “his daughter.” SMH.

Someone call Chris Hanson!


  1. It’s all over the media but the way he disrespects adult females is just so misogynistic. I didn’t know he was considered an A lister, whatever that means.

    • Ke$ha is also an A lister and so is Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift too. I am sooooo glad I gave up listening to the radio about a decade ago. None of whom can hold a tune or even sing live. Crazy world we are living in.

    • It is NOT in Cali…besides this nig is in his 30’s no ADULT should be messaging minors.

      And fuck china!

    • So just because it’s legal makes it okay? What would a grown man possibly want from a girl that young that doesn’t involve sex? Not to mention, the power dynamic between a 40 year old, and a 16 year old is WAYYY off balance. He’s manipulating these young girls, and trying to take advantage of them. I don’t give a fuck what the age of consent is in China They’re a relatively fucked up culture anyways.

  2. Dammit Tyga, y’see what you’ve done??! You’ve opened Pandora’s box with
    that underaged Kylie sh*t. But don’t sleep, people. He was only giving a pass
    because SOMEONE wants to “check the temperature” of the populous (so to speak)
    to see if you all are ready for what’s next on the agenda: Pedophilia.

    and for those not knowing: that too, is a perversion, NOT AN ORIENTATION.

  3. sad part is he has a daughter. I wonder how he would feel if a grown ass man tried to message his teenage daughter on social media smfh pervert and it’s sad but I could see pedophilia as the next agenda to be pushed.

    • Yep then zoophilia. And incest. Followed by cannibalism. Oooh !!! I can’t wait !!!!

      Not ?

  4. He hangs with the Kartrashians who apparently love to hang with that paedo Joe Francis (?). No surprise really.

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