Tyler the Creator Reminisces About His First Boyfriend

tyler the creator first boyfriend

Now that Tyler the Creator can’t shut up about his sexuality, he’s spilling the tea about his first relationship.

Here’s what he had to say:

“I had a boyfriend when I was fifteen in f*cking Hawthorne [California]. If that’s not open-minded, I don’t know what the f*ck that is.”

Although people are applauding him for being open about his love for (white) men, some aren’t willing to forget the homophobic statements he made years ago where he tried to defend his use of the “F” word:

“I’m not homophobic. I just think ‘f*ggot’ hits and hurts people. It hits. And ‘gay’ just means you’re stupid. I don’t know, we don’t think about it, we’re just kids. We don’t think about that sh*t. But I don’t hate gay people. I don’t want anyone to think I’m homophobic.”

So what do you think? Is Tyler just trollin’ as usual?


  1. There isn’t even justice for black people and now here he comes trying to promote understanding for homosexuality. Go in the house and shut the door!

  2. I herd a few odd future and Tyler songs yes Tyler is gay he talked too much crazy chit about anal sex, drugs, and raping whites then his band mates frank ocean and said the kid came out

    He says fag too much then says he aibt one Tyler was gay all along no girl ever wanted him until he be Ame a rapper I like some of his songs though regardless if his confused state if mind

  3. He’s gay. I knew a guy who was friends with him and he told me he always thought Tyler was gay the way he acts and such and this was before he came out the closet or whatever.

    • Just hear any of his albums odd future are a bunch of weirdos

      Tyler has daddy issues he wasn’t popular with girls all he could fo was get high, jack off and fuck with geeky ass white boys who wasn’t gonna get no pussy anyway

  4. Isn’t anyone going to accuse him of being a self hating coon now that he’s admitted that he only digs white dudes? He said that his dream man is Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

  5. Crazychris

    You sure are leaving a lot of comments regarding this gay shit lol.

    You usually leave one and keep it moving.

    I’ll bet everything on the house that u are a gay man who hangs around a lotta blk women.

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