Tyler the Creator Disses Black Men, Only Dates White Guys

tyler creator gay white guy

Now that Tyler the Creator has come out as gay, he’s letting his preference be known. In an interview, the artist said he’s not into black guys, only white guys can smash!

Peep the video:



  1. Lol I used to like some if his songs but we knew Tyler was gay he admitted he had a sad childhood his dad left, and no girl would talk to him Tyler one if those dudes who didn’t even get a girl to look at him until he got famous but his lyrics and songs you can tell he was gay guess everybody in off future is on the lgbt

    Let Tyler suck those white balls enjoy

  2. Lol???No he not Gay because no girl would talk to him, he gay cause he want to be Gay, he not even ugly at all. He reminds me of Silk the Shocker

  3. He’s not gay at all, it’s the platform he chose for fame. I can tell by the way he talks and his mannerisms and peep the sly remark about being sexual attracted to vans….it basically says to me funk it I’ll say what you want, now pay me. It’s all about that check asks Bruce Jenner.

    • Who tf is out here getting paid to say they gay? Seriously, who? If anything, he just tanked the so called “career” (and I use the term extremely loosely) that he did or was on his way to having. Ain’t nobody gonwanna work wit him! And be labeled @ gay! R U f’ng crazy. There’s a big difference between SUPPORTING the gay community and BEING the gay community bruh. To date, the only gay rapper that I know dat’s made it and continues to thrive is Young Thug and tha’ts only b/c nicca’s know but we really don’t know, ya dig! Sooooo….yeah! And by the way, his name is Caitlyn Jenner and his show was cancelled! Must not of worked out to well for him hunh?

      • He was told by tptb that they needed gay representation in the rap world and he’s game.

      • You do realize Frank ocean , who is signed by Tyler, became more popular and sold more albums after he came out as gay right?
        And you reference Jenner who is a world famous athlete, one of the best ever yet you seem to only know of him (or her) because of the current situation. So apparently it is possible to become or stay relevant when coming out isn’t it.

        • And you just proved my point he is best known for what he did NOT what “she” did. And Frank Ocean….bwah ha ha! Please! When’s tha las time u heard ANYBODY say “oh yea that new Frank Ocean? Uneed ta cop dat! I’ll wait…..

  4. It’s a stunt or he’s admitting that he’s playing the industry game. He’s a professional troll and will do/say anything for a check.

    This is the new school of rappers. Nonsense and fake hype. Back in the day, rappers would put hands on other rappers for less, and out fake people.

  5. Yes he fucks men & they fuks him. Earl sweatshirt gay, frank ocean gay, they got that dike bish on the team and u kno she gay…so its really that all them niggas gay. He aint lying but he do have sex w/women so he bi? But still mostly gay lol

  6. I can’t believe not one comment on him favoring white men,

    If he was straight and said he only gets with white women, this thread would have 30 angry comments.

    • Who cares about fag activity?

      When you are creating hybrids & helping in the cause to decrease our numbers that IS a problem.

    • It was just TOOOO ironic to respond to!!! I mean, there are so many articles of certain types of black males refusing black women and making their preference public, that when one of them comes out and literally says HE rejects black men (and happens to be a black male), there’s something both mind-bogglingly intriguing while at the same time it leaves one speechless. How does it feel? Very telling though, certain dudes are just hates anyone black.

  7. I know a guy who was friends with him when he lived in California and he said he always thought Tyler was gay even his mom asked if Tyler was gay. I think he goes both ways as it wouldn’t be surprising as he is a satanist and all so I’m pretty sure he did any and everything.

  8. Right after that, he said he was attracted to vans too. This is obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

  9. For you all who keep saying he is straight, sex with dudes is not always about sex…
    check out ‘boys for sale’ on youtube it is an excellent and sad view into the minds of people who engage in perverse activities.

    And ask yourself why he is holding hands with a dude who looks like an underage beiber look-a-like…when people not only tell you who they are, but show you, BELIEVE them.

  10. In a way it’s somewhat good gays comout you don’t want them giving bitches aids and shit.I say comout or heal your gayness.

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