Fantasia’s Brother Smashed Blac Chyna

ricco barrino

Welp, another man has been added to Blac Chyna’s smash list. This time, it’s none other than Ricco Barrino, singer Fantasia’s brother.

Peep the tea in this interview clip:


  1. Are you guys not able to tell when someone is joking around?? This nigga didn’t hit s***! His money is waaay too short for BC.

  2. Even if he did you proud of that???? Lol lol you should proud to catch a woman that no man van smash. A woman of virtue is a bigger trophy. A woman with good moral standards would never sleep with somebody who would make a video telling everybody. You keep it to yourself died with that in your mouth. That woman is a well known prostitute. That’s something to be ashamed of.

  3. Lol, on other sites, a guy came out and said he bought her 40 lemon pepper wings and she let him smash. Wings for pussy? Really?

  4. But did he state that he paid her. See these fuckers love dragging a woman and making her look bad but, never reveal he only smashed becasue he paid top dollar. And this fat fucker paid like he weighs bet that.

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